August in a nutshell

Saturday, August 31, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I know I've been awol again on this blog!But seriously I've been really busy this month..baking/cooking orders,dates,ber-raya and many more!Soooo..because it'll be 1st September in a few hours,I thought..I must upload this entry eventhough it won't be so complete.More like a picture diary :P

I start the blog with a cute picture of Razin feeding his niece Qarla,,so cuteeeee!
Something funny about me is that..I've never taken the LRT/Monorail..ever!I've been meaning to use it during the weekend to go to KL but never did.So a few weeks back,Razin went with me(there's no way I can use it alone..I'd be lost for sure!) and I told him that I want to go to Central Market because..I've never been there either hahaha
First experience!

There's so many pretty paintings there!I want to buy quite a number of paintings one day to filled up the walls of our house.:P

Central market
We took the KTM to go to Mid Valley after Central Market and I was very impressed with how different KTM is now.It's very clean!But LRT is definitely faster though it makes a squeaking noise that is a bit irritating at times.
Dinner at Mid Valley..we rarely go here!

I bought this songket wallet at Central Market
My former TESL senior,Ayu opened Foodsbury in section 9 and I was able to supply my cheesecake brownies to her.The place has only been opened for 2 weeks,so do give them a chance to improve :)
Opening night at Foodsbury!
Celebrated Razin's eldest sister,Nana's birthday.She's like a sister to me because I don't have one :(
Happy birthday Nana
Had an awesome raya potluck with my office mates!I bake a red velvet cake for them.Kak Hajar's husband provided us a one big container of air tebu(sugarcane juice!) and Kak Siti cooked soto,rendang and many more.A lot of my other colleagues brought so many food too!
I tasted Fruit Tea for the first time and it's not available in Malaysia by the way..Razin's little sister's friend brought it from Brunei.It was delicious but I don't really care for the perfumey taste of Jasmine tea.
Last Sunday was very busy for me as I had 3 things to do in one day.Catered Nana's brunch in the morning,my cousin's wedding in the afternoon and then attended my friend Aisyah's open house in the evening.This weekend is also full for me!
Qarla during Nana's brunch!
At my cousin's wedding with Razin & my parents :)

Went to Aisyah's fab house with Razin & Qeema
Had a farewell dinner for Ms Thong at Seoul Garden with my colleagues.:)
I actually have a few more posts but it's all in draft mode!Hopefully I'll be able to complete it soon :)
Cheers to September!