Cameron Highland vacation..for the hundredth time haha

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My family has been to Cameron Highlands ever since I was a little kid.It's my mum's favorite place because of the chilly weather.haha.So when dad asked her to choose a place for our family vacation,she of course choose Cameron.We went there twice this year.-_-  But I do love Cameron although at times it's too cold for me.

Before we trek towards Robinson Falls
When we arrived,my brilliant parents decided that we should trek to Robinson Falls before checking in to our apartment.I was wearing a dress and flip flops.So I had to change into pants inside the car.haha We were inside the jungle for almost an hour.Because we went too far and didn't realize that to enter the waterfall,there was a door that we missed.hahahah aiyoooo

Pretty waterfall
My siblings and I were too sleepy/tired to go out for lunch after the trek so our parents takeaway some food from Tanah Rata--there was this new pizza place that just opened.When we went there in March it wasn't there.The food was good!Two Russian guys sold pizza and kebab.It's halal so don't worry!
Lunch:Russian chicken kebab & pizza
After we took a quick nap,we went to the night market at Brinchang.Always go here before night time or else it's a nightmare to find parking.I'm wearing the boyfriend's hoodie in the picture down below and that's why it looked a little too big for me but I love it cos it's cosy and kept me it smells like the boyfriend :P
At Brinchang's night market
Rose plants
Huge radishes
Huge strawberries
Our dinner from the night market
I bought these huge fried prawns from the night market for dinner..and also fried squid,mushrooms and a type of vege that I don't remember haha They love to deep fry their food there.I can't complain because the batter there was light and crunchy-tempura like.
A malaysian fave:nasi lemak
In the morning the parents bought nasi lemak for us..Man I haven't eaten nasi lemak during the whole month of Ramadhan so that was a treat.
Since my family and I've been every touristy place in Cameron Highlands,we went to the ones that just opened.There's only one actually hahaha It was Cameron Lavender!I heard there'll be a shopping mall in CH soon?Let's hope so!
Basically Cameron Lavender is a huge flower farm and their lavender crop haven't bloomed yet.Though there's a few potted ones they sold at one of the kiosks there have started to bloom but I didn't buy it because I'm scared it'll die if I plant it in Shah Alam.
Nice view from the top of Cameron Lavender
Bees on gerbera daisies

Potted french lavender plants

Device to roast corn and sweet potato 

Had strawberry dadih when we stopped to buy ice cream.Yummm!

I don't know why but I bought like 4 different types of cup noodles at Jaya Grocer to bring to Cameron Highlands.I guess cold weather made me want to eat something hot and noodle-ish hahah.I actually quite like the Maggi mee goreng in cup.That was yummy!
For our final night there,the family and I walked from our apartment which was situated inside Heritage Hotel,to Tanah Rata town.I had a cup of Starbuck's Hazelnut Hot the way,I never order hot chocolate anywhere in Klang Valley..I guess I just wanted a hot beverage and it was good but they spelled my name wrong!
The brothers wanted to eat the chicken kebab from the Russian place.A picture of them above.My dad thinks that they could be KGB agents pretending to be normal pizzeria owners hahahaha
Here are the route that we used from our apartment to the town.Our walked didn't take 1 hour and 41 minutes but our food buying & etc took quite a long time.
We bought quite a number of items at Kea Farm Market which I didn't take any picture of because we divided all of it for our relatives and my boyfriend's family.But I bought a lot of huge strawberries and they were so worth the money.Look at how huge they are from the picture above!
Stevia,detox and green tea
My mum saves a lot of jars from the jars of Lady's Choice mayonnaise that my brothers consume  and I like using them for my teas/baking beans/flowers & etc.I arranged the teas that I bought from Cameron Highlands from this uncle who mixes them specially from roots/leaves & etc.He actually had a tea named "buasir(constipation)" which I didn't buy of course!hahaha
Huge chilli plant!
I also bought a chilli plant for Razin's mum and a variety of peach/apricot teas & soursop cordial for his dad.Mama bought a lot of petai for his family and our relatives.I bought lotsa flowers too for my room.
They bloomed overnight!
I also bought some vegetables and I got the lily buds below because they taste so good fried like a tempura which I did when I got back home..yummmm
Fried lily buds and mushrooms
Next blog post--my favorite youtubers!:)