My Favourite Youtubers!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm sure a lot of you go on Youtube and subscribed to a bunch of channel.But to be honest,other than some music videos and the Ellen Degeneres channel,a few months back,I didn't subscribed to much on Youtube.But my boyfriend's little sister,Qeema showed me Zoella's videos and I was hooked.

My awesome boyfriend took the liberty of downloading her 108(back then) videos for me and also the videos on her vlog channel(MoreZoella)so that I can watch them offline.So yeah..I can say that I've watched ALL of Zoella's videos.

After that my obsession started.I followed her on twitter and instagram though I didn't really read her past blogposts because there wasn't much and I think her Youtube videos is sufficient enough.I like the fact that Zoella is not too prissy and she can make fun of herself and she likes to find a good bargain.

I also have to admit that I've bought quite a number of products from watching her videos.
The pictures below are some of the item that I've bought because of Zoella's recommendation.Clockwise from top right:Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer,Sleek Makeup Contour Kit,MAC Studio Sculpt and Mineralize Skin Finish,Tangle Teezer and Real Techniques Makeup Brushes.

I got the concealer and Real Techniques brushes from Ebay.The Tangle Teezer and Sleek contour kit was from Luxola's website.The MAC makeup was from the MAC store.I love everything and especially the brushes because they can be used on both liquid and powder makeup.

I use the buffing and contour brush everyday and I love them to bits!You can buy the brushes from my boyfriend's little sister for rm95..Shins here are selling it for rm135!That's a rm40 difference girls!
But my fave has got to be the MAC foundation and powder.They're pretty amazing.Natural finish but doesn't make me shine as much like other makeup products that I've used.

Zoella has two youtube channels.One is for her beauty/haul/collaboration videos and the other is for her vlogs.Some of my favorite videos are below(obviously I can't share all because then this entry will be too long!):

Zoella's videos

Zoella's Vlogs

Tanya Burr

I found out about Tanyar Burr thanks to one of Zoella's videos.She's so pretty!And I love that eventhough she's not thin,she knows how to dress for her body.I love her relationship with her fiance,Jim Chapman(who also has his own Youtube channel).Just like Zoella and almost every other Youtubers,Tanya also has another channel just for her vlogs.

Anthony Smosh and Kalel

Anthony and Kalel is one of my favorite Youtube couples.They always look like they're having so much fun together!I like how Kalel is very feisty like me hahaha Anthony of course is the other half of Smosh.His Draw My Life youtube video got more views than Jenna Marbles!

Watch the surprise proposal from Anthony to Kalel in one of the videos below and go awwwww :)

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan came a long way..from just a girl posting makeup tutorial videos on Youtube to becoming Lancome's makeup artist and now she has her own makeup luxury line called EM.Her journey is amazing!

I have a lot more Youtubers that I subscribed to like....

 Ray William Johnson , Anna Akana, Alfie Deyes,Jacks Gap ,Sprinkle of Glitter ,Missglamorazzi,The Fine Bros ,Sorted Food, Pew Die Pie,MacBarbie,That's Heart and many moreeee!So do and take a look at some of their videos whenever you have some free time.:)