Taste MIGF part 2

Sunday, September 22, 2013 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

The second day of Taste MIGF was another great day for Qeema and I because we loveee to eat good food!I was fortunate enough to win a booklet of tokens via MIGF's twitter contest.So we went to eat some more delicious gourmet food.
Thank you Taste MIGF!
Beautiful table settings for us to sit on
What we ate on day 2.....

Station 24:Nerovivo
Overall,the food at Nerovivo was very good.I'd definitely go there for a special occasion.

1)Pasta e Fagioli--This pasta was very tasty.I forgot how it tasted like because it was 2 weeks ago but I remembered liking it very much.

2)Canape pere parmigiano--The hostess said that it was grana padano so it could be a mistake in the booklet(which I'm referring to for names of the dishes).This combo is just delicious!A piece of crispy bread with slices of sweet pear served with grana padano on top.

I will definitely replicate this at home one of these days.Jaya Grocer sells wedge of the Grana Padano(which was named Italy's no.1 cheese by Joe Bastianich in the recent season of Masterchef US--season 4)so you can purchase it and try this combination at home.

3)Torta Al Limoncello--This is a really good lemon cake with I can taste semolina flour in it?I'm not sure.It came with a wafer of almond biscotti.

4)Riso Venere Al Nero di Seppia --This is obviously a squid ink risotto and I've never tasted anything with squid ink in it before.There prawns in it as well and it was very tasty.
5)Canape Salmon--This canape was just normal but it wasn't bad.

Station 10:Grill 582(Best Western Premier Dua Sentral)
I was very impressed over the fact that the chef,Siti Arini Darsom is a female (most of the chefs there were male..only 3 were females!) and her food was very delicious!I'd definitely go to the restaurant and have more of her food soon and bring Razin with me.

6)Lamb Sous Vide with roasted cherry tomato--I've always seen sous vide method being used by chefs on cooking shows like Top Chef,Iron Chef ansd so forth but I've never tasted anything being cooked in such manner before.So I was excited to taste the dish.It was really delicious and I don't even like lamb!haha So that's saying something.
7)Grilled tiger prawn with mango salsa--I've never eaten prawns with mango combined.This combo was delicious!

8)Chilled chocolate chilly chiboust--Qeema and I was excited to taste the dessert because it's a combo of chocolate and chilies,things that I love!This dessert look unassuming but it packs a punch!Your mouth will feel like it's on fire for awhile and then it'll settle down.The chocolate is delicious.

Station 27:Marini's on 57

9)Gnudi Burro Salvia--This dish had shaves of black truffle on top of it.I love the dish!It was pillowy soft and delicious.My first taste of black truffle and it was heavenly.

Station 7:Seasonal Tastes

10)Fig Foie Gras Terrine--This dish wasn't a hit with Qeema and I.

Station 16:Samplings on the Fourteenth Restaurant 

11)Beef tenderloin with gorgonzola--I didn't like this dish but it wasn't because it wasn't good.The beef was so tender BUT gorgonzola is a type of blue cheese and there was a lot of it in the dish.I just don't like blue cheese!haha
At the Epicure International Gourmet Village,we bought Vedablu icecream again!hahah We had their ice cream the previous day but we just tasted the different flavors.They had new flavors on Sunday.I choose the mango yogurt while Qeema choose the coffee flavor.
Delicious ice cream!
I bought Murray River Gourmet Salt Flake there as well.I used it for making salted butter caramel candies.It was perfect for the recipe.I used french butter,Madagascar vanilla bean and cream for the candy and it was a success!
Making candy!
Tadaaa!With pink salt flakes on top.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nurliyana
Im chef Michele From Nero Vivo
I Just wanna say that the lemon cake er torta al limoncello it is not made by semolina, it is only almond ground.
I want to clarify that the limoncello cake or lemon cake contains no flour and is suitable for people allergic to gluten .
Regards Chef Michele
Nero Vivo chef

Anonymous said...

I want to clarify that the limoncello cake or lemon cake contains no flour and is suitable for people allergic to gluten.