theSkintopic Anniversary Event

Sunday, September 29, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

On Thursday afternoon I was invited to attend theSkintopic's anniversary event at Pavilion thanks to The Butterfly Project.I was really happy to join the group at The Butterfly Project because I love beauty products and I practically buy new beauty products every month!

I have seen theSkintopic at Subang Parade before and even tested their body oils because I was intrigued that they've dried flowers/fruits in their body oil bottles... but I've never purchased them before.I'm a big fan of body oils as I use them to moisturize my body especially for my allergy scars on my legs so I was ecstatic to attend theSkintopic's event. 
Tea time!
The event was held at theSkintopic's outlet on the fifth floor of Pavilion(right across Nichii).When I arrived there and registered myself,I received a goodie bag filled with theSkintopic's products(more on that later).There was a table full of delicious refreshments and I had a bite of the mini quiche.

Freeze dried flowers and fruits for the body oils
I also saw a table filled with bottles of body oils and freeze dried flowers and fruits.Though at first I thought that the dried fruit in the jar was fake but it was actually real fruit and we got to smell the dried strawberries.They are supposed to be put in the bottles and mixed with the body oils.

They're real!
We got to see how two of the Linden Leaves body oil(Memories and Absolute Dreams) was made by the founder,Ms Brigit Blair.

Body oils in the making
I was fortunate enough to be able to get my hands on and try to make one of the body oils which was the Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Memories body oil.It seemed easy when Ms Brigit made the body oils but it actually wasn't as the freeze dried roses was very delicate and brittle.Basically I had to cut the roses accordingly,tied it up and then gently pushed it into the bottle and then pour the body oil in.

I was happy that I managed to make a bottle of the body oil and Ms Brigit was kind enough to let me keep it!I didn't have a picture of myself making it because I went there on my own and totally forget to ask one of the girls there to take a picture for me.But I'll keep that in mind for future events :)

To know more about the body oil that I made that day,click HERE.

Oh,in the goodie bag that I received from theSkintopic,I got a Linden Leaves Absolute Dreams body oil and a set of mini skincare as well and rm50 vouchers for theSkintopic products.(pictured below)
After the event ended I went to Sephora with two other bloggers,Cindy and Shasha.I received an email from Sephora so I redeemed the Fresh Black Tea age delay face cream(which I gave to my mum) and I bought Clinique moisturizer for myself.Also got some awesome Biotherm eye cream samples thanks to Cindy.It was a great experience and it was nice meeting girls who love beauty products just like I do.:)