Himalaya Healthcare Anti-Hair Fall event

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Last Saturday I was invited along with 11 other bloggers by The Butterfly Project and Himalaya Healthcare for their Anti-Hair Fall product event which was held at Rupini's in Bangsar.Rupini's is located within the same row as Balloon Buzz Party Centre and is on the first floor.

I rushed from my office which was in Bandar Sunway to reach Bangsar.Had a videoshoot at the office early Saturday morning because we were nominated for this award.Yes,most bloggers have a full-time job!:P

Anyway,I want to give a big thank you to Shireen from Sugar and Spice communications who helped my enquiry on the exact location of Rupini's.

Yummy sugarcane drink!
Now on to the event..when I arrived I was greeted by Shireen and was given a crossword puzzle to do while we wait for our turn for the hair analysis/pampering session.I was also given a choice of drink betweet soya bean or sugarcane.Of course I choose sugarcane.

It's one of my fave!I asked Shireen where she got such fresh sugarcane drink and she told me about Dusun.Now I can buy fresh sugarcane drink without having to wait for the ramadhan bazaar.haha
Regarding the picture above it is stated that Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall line contain no SLS or SLES.Which means that the products are very green and environmentally friendly.

What are SLS and SLES?

SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate while SLES stands for Sodium Laureth Sulfate.Both chemicals can irritate our eyes and skin.There's a lot of articles on SLS and SLES and you can google about it because there's too many different ones.
The salon!
After I completed the informative crossword puzzle,I was given a hair analysis by Fatimah.

Thank you Fatimah!
I was a bit nervous because I just recently colored my hair a week back so I didn't know whether it is slightly ruined or not.But I take good care of my hair--wash every 2 days and put on a hair mask after.I don't use the normal hair conditioner because my hair is colored and requires extra moisture.

Fatimah put this video camera thing on my hair that's connected to the laptop, so that I can immediately see my scalp super up-close!She explained to me that if a follicle has three strand of hair,it is healthy.I have it allover my head.Phewww..See those three strands growing out of one follicle below?
Healthy hair!
On to the pampering session using Himalaya's anti-hair fall products!First,they massage my scalp and hair using the anti-hair fall oil.The scent of the oil was actually very light and refreshing.Usually hair oils tend to feel heavy but this clearly wasn't.The massage was really relaxing.

Afterwards,my hair was washed and then shampooed and conditioned with the rest of the Himalaya's anti-hair fall range.Then they blow dried my hair..it took two people to do so.haha
My hair being blow dried!
With Woon and Shireen.

With Shasha whom
I met from the Skintopics event :)
Lovely kuih from Dusun.
While waiting for the others to get their hair done,I managed to chit chat with some of the new bloggers like Ayue,Anfal and many more.We also munched on delicious kuih from Dusun.I also managed to get eyebrow and upper lip threading from Rupini's for only rm10.Why not kill two birds with one stone?I do threading at least once a month.It's important to look neat.:)
Justin taking a look at Shasha's hair

Afterwards,the hairstylist from Shear Perfection hair salon named Justin gave his thoughts and suggestions about some of the hairstyles that us bloggers was sporting.I had to double check this with Shireen as I saw many others referring him as David on their blog when that's the name of Rupini's Singapore's Business Development Manager--I got his biz card thus why I know this :)

Anyway,he chose me because my hair was colored and he said that it is a pretty color..as you all know in my previous post,it was colored by my boyfriend and his sister using the hair bubble thingy which I've used myself 3-4 times.haha Previously my hair was bright red thanks to Trendz salon at Grand Dorsett Subang.

He said that my layers are too long now and that I should trim my bangs/fringe a bit.I haven't trimmed my hair in..3 months?I did so a few days ago!

Something funny during his analysis of our hairstyles..he wanted to cut Shasha's bangs which freaked her out.I was too!Thank god he was just kidding.:P
the shampoo!

We received a goodie bag from Himalaya which contained a bottle of the anti-hair fall shampoo and hair cream.We also got a voucher from Rupini's for a hot oil body massage and also a discount for a hair treatment at Shear Perfection.I will definitely use all of them.
My shiny blowout thanks to Himalaya products!

All in all,it was a great and memorable event.Thank you to Rupini's staffs especially those who flew all the way from Singapore like David, to attend it and also to Himalaya staffs like Woon and Fatimah and of course Shireen Chrishanthi.Last but not least,to the awesome people of The Butterfly Project who invited me to the event.

After the event ended,I managed to drop off Shasha and Ayue at the LRT so that they can go home safely.I was glad that I managed to meet a lot of new faces.

If you were wondering where you can purchase the Himalaya anti-hair fall products you can refer to their FB page below..they have 21 outlets all over Malaysia!The price is very reasonable as the 400ml shampoo retails at rm 24.90 and the 175ml anti-hair fall cream retails at rm19.90.

Himalaya Healthcare fb page: 

Rupini's fb page: 

Shear Perfection fb page:

The Butterfly Project:


Product Review:Natta Cosme's Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner.

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Thanks to Natta Cosme and The Butterfly Project I received this pretty package containing a beauty product for me to try and review.For someone who spends a considerable amount of money from her pay cheque every month on beauty products/toiletries,I love getting these sort of things.
Parcel arrived!
I was very impressed with the way Natta Cosme packaged the product for me.The box had pretty lace stenciling on it and it was filled with colorful streamers(not in the picture)
Oooh look what's inside!
Inside there was a lot of stuffs.I thought I'd be receiving a bottle of the toner and that's that but I was wrong.They gave me a big bottle of the toner,a sample of the highly coveted Egyptian Magic cream and they even gave me cotton pads and put it inside a pretty packaging.How thoughtful of them!
Pretty envelope!
Cards inside the envelope
Natta Cosme is basically a local website that sells various beauty products.They were kind enough to give me a bottle of Thayer's alcohol-free toner which contains witch hazel,rose petal and aloe vera.I use toner after I've wash my face using a facial wash,to get rid of any leftover residue.But according to ivillage,there are 6 reasons why we should use a facial toner:

1)It shrinks pores.
2)It gives your skin pH balance.
3)It adds a layer of protection.
4)It moisturizes.
5)It refreshes skin.
6)It can prevent ingrown hairs.

A caution so that I won't
eat the capsule below haha
A cute way
to send a message
From the message inside the capsule above:

"Cotton pads are commonly used to apply toner on face for better absorption.What do you think?"

I always always,use a cotton pad to apply toner on my face. I've been doing so since I was 16 years old.I think it's sanitary rather than using your fingers.I use my fingers to apply moisturizer but not to apply toner.Here's a link on how to correctly use a cotton pad on your face.

The toner:
Now let's talk about the toner that Natta Cosme has given me.Firstly I've to say that the bottle is huge!It's probably the biggest bottle of toner I've had.I think this will last me up to 3 months!I am so glad that the toner is alcohol free because I've been using an alcohol free toner from a different brand for years.I have oily and sensitive skin so I can't use a toner that contains alcohol because it'll strip my skin from its moisture.

Huge bottle of toner

Comprehensive explanation on the label
As you can see on the label,it is stated that the toner has a Certified Organic Witch Hazel which maintains all the beneficial natural tannins.According to WebMD:

Witch hazel contains chemicals called tannins. When applied directly to the skin, witch hazel might help reduce swelling, help repair broken skin, and fight bacteria.
Ingredients used in the toner
The toner also contains rose petal and aloe vera. The rose petals gave it a light rose scent which I love since one of the perfume I wear on a daily basis is Paul Smith Rose.Aloe vera of course moisturizes your skin.
My dead skin cells
My experience:
I've been using the toner for almost 2 weeks now.And I can say that it has been pleasant on my skin and refreshing as well.I only need to use a little bit on my face. I've read online that when you use the toner if there's brown color residue on your cotton pad,it's the residue from your makeup.

But if it's gray it means that it's your dead skin cells.Which is what happened to me.Removing dead skin cells is essential as it avoids from pimple popping up on our face.Overall,the toner has been beneficial on my skin.

I would definitely repurchase this toner once I've run out of it.I would like to try the cucumber scented one next.If you want to purchase the toner,I've link the website below.

Also Natta Cosme was kind enough to give a special discount to you my dear readers!It is valid until 15/1/2014.

The discount code is LOVEBT.You'll get RM5 discount for purchases above RM50.

Thank you to The Butterfly Project and Natta Cosme for this product.:)

The Butterfly Project:
Natta Cosme:
Link for the toner:


Churp Out! 2013,new haircolor,Kulcats Barrio's food & etc.

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So I went to Churp Out on Saturday with the boyfriend and his sister Qeema. Unfortunately halfway through walking around the place,the rain poured...very heavily!Which meant we had to cross over to the other side being drenched in rain.So I couldn't really enjoy browsing the clothes when it was raining cats and dogs.But when we first arrive,it was still only cloudy.

Passionade and lemonade
Reverse bungee
I saw the reverse bungee thing but didn't managed to see anyone going on it because afterwards it was raining.We waited for a long time for this lady to do it but then we decided to walk along as we know it was probably going to rain any minute now.
One of my fave bloggers Mia Suraya.
And yes,I slouch,again!-_-
I met one of my fave bloggers Mia Suraya there with her little sister Asna!She was very shy though so she didn't take a picture with us.
With our drinks!
The only thing that I bought there was passionade and Qeema bought limeade from this drink stall.I saw Sazzy Falak at her booth but she was busy saving her clothes from the pouring rain.We were stuck at FashionValet's booth because the rain was crazy at that point..they had to salvage boxes of Kiss & Tell shoes from the downpour. that all the umbrellas in the middle of Churp Out's lawn flew all over the place!

But we had to cross over to enter the mall as Razin's parents was inside.So take a look at the video below of the boyfriend and I with his siblings running from the rain!It was recorded by his youngest brother.

After being soaked from the rain,we walked around Setia City Mall and accompanied Razin's parents to buy some groceries and durian puffs.Went back to his family house and Razin colored my hair with the help of his sister Qeema as well.I felt like a change and just went for it.So my hair isn't red anymore.It's now the color below.I think it turns out nice!:)
New hair color!
After I blow dried my hair,I went for a quick supper with Razin,his two sisters and his niece Qarla!We ate at Pappa Rich and I tasted their roti susu(milk toast) for the first time.It was goooooddd!

Roti susu!
hahah Qarla wanted
her mummy's handphone
The next day I craved for the roti susu again and Razin was kind enough to make it for me.He's the best!We bought the thick toast from a bakery.Yes I can so make it on my own but sometimes you just want to "bermanja" with the boyfriend.haha 

One night after work I was busy baking Foodsbury orders..I was in the kitchen the moment I set foot at home and didn't enter my bedroom until 12 am?Razin went to Kulcats Barrio with his friend because he was meeting with the owner..I was a bit jealous because I've wanted to go there before and have told him about it and he ate there for the first time without me!

I've entered Kulcats before with Razin's sister but we didn't eat there & just browse around as we were full from sushi.Anyway,Razin felt a bit bad I guess and he was like..just tell me what you want and they whatsapp-ed me the menu hahaha So Razin came to my house at night all the way from TTDI with the food.What a keeper!:P

I ordered the tiger prawn aglio olio and banoffee pie.The prawns was hugeee that I could only eat two.I gave one to my brother.The spaghetti was bland.Aglio olio is simple but it shouldn't be bland.I couldn't taste garlic/salt/chili..had to add a pinch or two of salt and chili flakes.The banoffee pie was delicious!So yummy!

Tiger prawn aglio olio and banoffee

Banoffee innards
I baked this cheesecake brownie 'cake' for one of my bosses's birthday last week.Added chocolate coated strawberries on top!


Red Savina Habanero

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I bought these habaneros back when I went to Cameron Highlands with my family in August and it is still bright red and haven't gone bad at all even after being in the fridge for more than 2 months!

Today I gave a few to my colleagues because they love eating spicy food.Did some research to show them what's a Scoville scale and all..I found out that it wasn't a regular habanero..it's actually the Red Sevina habanero which explains why it is so damn spicy.

I only use slivers of them to cook my dishes.Hence why I still have a lot of them.It is superrrr spicy and I dare those who eat super spicy foods and chili padi on a regular basis like me to try this devil of a chili.

Back when I came back from Cameron,I used two whole chilies for a huge pot of bolognese..when I was sauteing it with onions..I sneeze nonstop and my nose was so watery.It was really really strong and overpowering!

Recently I used it for stir fries and I had to use scissors to thinly cut it..and I used only two slivers from one chili to add a lot of spice to my vegetable stir fry/fried rice.

I think it's very expensive in Klang Valley.I've seen in being sold up to rm40 at supermarkets here.But in Cameron it cost only rm5-6 per packet of 10 or more chilies.

Try it if you dare!:P


Recent cooking and baking + Parts Unknown/NOMA

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If you've been reading this blog,you'd known that I love baking and cooking.Recently I've created an instagram account for my passion for baking/cooking.You are welcome to order any of the food that I posted on the instagram account-- @liyanabakes.Some of my desserts as you might have known are available at Foodsbury as well.:)

The day that Razin(my boyfriend) came back from working for Pesta Bola Merdeka for almost 2 weeks(this was early September..tells you how long this blog has been in draft mode),I decided to make pizza for dinner.Funny thing was that,I went to Jaya Grocer and of course lost track of time because I love the place...Razin called me and asked where I was because he has arrived from Kuantan and there was no one home.hahaha I could here the disappointment in his voice..awwwwww.

I remembered how much I missed him because we practically see each other everyday.But we were apart for 3 months during the start of our relationship because he studied outside of Shah Alam.:(

So,I made the dough using a recipe I found from Jamie Oliver and it was foolproof!Definitely a recipe for keeps.I also use the pizza crisper that I bought from a baking shop.
The cute silicone Ikea mat Razin got for me!:)
Pizza with rocket leaves
My white pizza with tuna!yummms

We've been together for almost 3 years but I've never made cream puffs for Razin.So I made this as a welcome home thing.Cream puffs are actually tedious to make because I stir the pate a choux by hand and that will result in painful arms haha.This recipe was taken from an olddddd Japanese baking book that mama bought when I was a kid.
Cream puffs for my love!
I baked key lime pie,cheesecake brownies 'cake'(ordered by my cousin's girlfriend for his birthday),warm chocolate tart,caramel slice and many more below!I usually do all this during the weekend because I'm pretty swamped during the weekdays.But I've had to bake during the weekdays before which explains my lack of sleep at times.

Key lime pie

Cheesecake brownies birthday cake order
I put fresh ricotta which I got from Taste MIGF in September(yes,the pictur

A rarity:Packed lunch
I managed to make a packed lunch one night for work the next day.I rarely get to do so because I always reach home by 11pm.After work I usually hang with the boyfriend and then I go to the gym.Sometimes I don't have time to go out for lunch so having a packed lunch saves ample of time!Made stir fried okra,anchovies and a fried egg.
Sage leaves
Here's a close up of the potato gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce that I made a few weeks back wwh.It was my first time cooking using sage leaves.It's so yummy!Especially when it's crispy.
Cereal butter prawns
I cooked dinner with one of the boyfriend's friend,Donut while we were hanging out at the house of his friend Aie one weekend.I made cereal butter prawn and pengat pisang(bananas cooked in coconut milk&palm sugar) for dessert.Donut made stir fried bok choi,omelette and sardines.Aie's girlfriend Natalie who's from UK was so cute because she helped me cook and was in awe over the ingredients and the taste of the dishes.:P
Pengat pisang
I watch a lot of cooking shows or food related tv shows.Right now I'm following quite a few shows.Anthony Bourdain's  second season is out,Masterchef Junior(US version),Knife Fight(hosted by Top Chef season 2 winner Ilan Hall) and Top Chef season 11(set in New Orleans).

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown is such a favorite of mine.I've blogged about the first season before.The first episode for his second season,he went to Israel and Palestine.What a way to start huh?It was great to see both sides and of course some of the harsh reality there.But there was still good food.Palestinian's charred watermelon salad was very unique.

The episode in Spain was great because...there they got to eat free tapas almost everywhere as long as they buy alcohol..not that I drink.But it was amazing to see all those free food that would cost a bomb here at La Bodega and so forth.

The Copenhagen episode was awesome.The boyfriend and I happened to watch the episode together and he was blown away by the food that was served at Noma.Noma have won the Best Restaurant in the World for 3 years now.

Pictures of Noma's
 food taken from the net!
I remembered watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation,season 8 episode 5--Japan:Cook It Raw,whereby some of the best chefs in the world forage for local ingredients and serve them to culinary experts and the head of the group of chefs was Chef Rene Redzepi(Noma's head chef and owner).That episode was one of my favorites!

I would love to elaborate more on the cooking shows that I'm watching but time doesn't permit me to do so.In my next post,I'd be doing something that I haven't done in awhile..a beauty product review!Stay tuned :P