Churp Out! 2013,new haircolor,Kulcats Barrio's food & etc.

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So I went to Churp Out on Saturday with the boyfriend and his sister Qeema. Unfortunately halfway through walking around the place,the rain poured...very heavily!Which meant we had to cross over to the other side being drenched in rain.So I couldn't really enjoy browsing the clothes when it was raining cats and dogs.But when we first arrive,it was still only cloudy.

Passionade and lemonade
Reverse bungee
I saw the reverse bungee thing but didn't managed to see anyone going on it because afterwards it was raining.We waited for a long time for this lady to do it but then we decided to walk along as we know it was probably going to rain any minute now.
One of my fave bloggers Mia Suraya.
And yes,I slouch,again!-_-
I met one of my fave bloggers Mia Suraya there with her little sister Asna!She was very shy though so she didn't take a picture with us.
With our drinks!
The only thing that I bought there was passionade and Qeema bought limeade from this drink stall.I saw Sazzy Falak at her booth but she was busy saving her clothes from the pouring rain.We were stuck at FashionValet's booth because the rain was crazy at that point..they had to salvage boxes of Kiss & Tell shoes from the downpour. that all the umbrellas in the middle of Churp Out's lawn flew all over the place!

But we had to cross over to enter the mall as Razin's parents was inside.So take a look at the video below of the boyfriend and I with his siblings running from the rain!It was recorded by his youngest brother.

After being soaked from the rain,we walked around Setia City Mall and accompanied Razin's parents to buy some groceries and durian puffs.Went back to his family house and Razin colored my hair with the help of his sister Qeema as well.I felt like a change and just went for it.So my hair isn't red anymore.It's now the color below.I think it turns out nice!:)
New hair color!
After I blow dried my hair,I went for a quick supper with Razin,his two sisters and his niece Qarla!We ate at Pappa Rich and I tasted their roti susu(milk toast) for the first time.It was goooooddd!

Roti susu!
hahah Qarla wanted
her mummy's handphone
The next day I craved for the roti susu again and Razin was kind enough to make it for me.He's the best!We bought the thick toast from a bakery.Yes I can so make it on my own but sometimes you just want to "bermanja" with the boyfriend.haha 

One night after work I was busy baking Foodsbury orders..I was in the kitchen the moment I set foot at home and didn't enter my bedroom until 12 am?Razin went to Kulcats Barrio with his friend because he was meeting with the owner..I was a bit jealous because I've wanted to go there before and have told him about it and he ate there for the first time without me!

I've entered Kulcats before with Razin's sister but we didn't eat there & just browse around as we were full from sushi.Anyway,Razin felt a bit bad I guess and he was like..just tell me what you want and they whatsapp-ed me the menu hahaha So Razin came to my house at night all the way from TTDI with the food.What a keeper!:P

I ordered the tiger prawn aglio olio and banoffee pie.The prawns was hugeee that I could only eat two.I gave one to my brother.The spaghetti was bland.Aglio olio is simple but it shouldn't be bland.I couldn't taste garlic/salt/chili..had to add a pinch or two of salt and chili flakes.The banoffee pie was delicious!So yummy!

Tiger prawn aglio olio and banoffee

Banoffee innards
I baked this cheesecake brownie 'cake' for one of my bosses's birthday last week.Added chocolate coated strawberries on top!