Current obsession:Veronica Mars

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I've seen posters of  the first season of Veronica Mars in magazines and Archie comic books back when I was 17 years old(9 years ago!!). But as I was busy preparing for SPM and then going to the university for pre-TESL & B.Ed in TESL,I didn't watch the series at all back when it aired from 2004-2007.

I decided to download all three seasons of the series recently due to the interview below with Kirsten Bell on the Ellen Degeneres Show and then when the trailer came out!!Take a look at it.I was excited and wanted to watch the whole series in anticipation of the movie that's in the works. Right now I'm in the middle of watching the third season of the series and I've to say that freaking I love it.A lot.I just love female characters that are witty and kick-ass.I grew up reading Nancy Drew books thanks to my mother who provided for me and I even loved the cheesy movie starring Emma Roberts.

I guess I just love strong independent female characters or female detectives in movies/books/televisions--Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass,Angelina Jolie in SALT,Jennifer Garner in Alias and did you guys remember The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo(video below) on Nickelodeon ages ago?I love that show.There's many more of course but I can't recall it this morning!haha

Basically in season 1 Veronica Mars is a high school student who's also a private investigator.Her father is the former sheriff who now has his own PI agency.

I truly love Kirsten Bell as Veronica Mars.She's whip smart,witty,spunky,independent,pretty and of course that voice(which you'll remember as Gossip Girl!).But Veronica is not above falling in love..which I can relate to.hahaha.

It's not all rosy for Veronica though in season 1..her bestfriend was murdered,her mom is an alcoholic and left the family,she might or might not be related to her ex-boyfriend and the worst was that she might or might not have been raped during a party--which you'll only know the real truth(because the season 1 ending wasn't the whole truth!) at the end of the second season and it's a shocker!!

I love Veronica with Logan..I think they've great chemistry together..I just think that Logan is so incredibly sweet and protective towards her compared to how Duncan was but..ahhhh...I won't spoil it for you guys out there who haven't watch the series yet..but then you'll know that they end up together--because you won't be able to tell from the first season haha.

In season 3,when Veronica is in college,the subject of rape arises again and this time it's quite rampant at her campus.It's a lot dangerous for her as well.

There's a lot of interesting cases that Veronica(and her dad as well) had to solve throughout the 3 seasons and some had an unexpected outcome because she's not always right.Which is the brilliance of it all.No matter how smart you are,sometimes you make mistakes too.:)

From season 1-3 Veronia Mars has some of the best lines a girl could have on to..Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls or those girls from Bunheads?

Edited:I forgot to mention how there's a LOT of famous people who have guest starred in Veronica Mars before they were famous.Amanda Seyfried,Leighton Meester(Gossip Girl),Alyson Hannigan(HIMYM),Max Greenfield(New Girl),Dianna Agron(Glee),Jane Lynch(Glee),Krysten Ritter(Apartment 23),Paul Rudd,Jessica Chastain,Paris Hilton,Kristin Cavallari,Aaron Paul(Breaking Bad) and so many others!

I'll be sad when I've to finish watching the third season but then I'm excited for the movie to come out in 2014.A big thank you to my boyfriend who got me all the episodes from Veronica Mars!