Himalaya Healthcare Anti-Hair Fall event

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Last Saturday I was invited along with 11 other bloggers by The Butterfly Project and Himalaya Healthcare for their Anti-Hair Fall product event which was held at Rupini's in Bangsar.Rupini's is located within the same row as Balloon Buzz Party Centre and is on the first floor.

I rushed from my office which was in Bandar Sunway to reach Bangsar.Had a videoshoot at the office early Saturday morning because we were nominated for this award.Yes,most bloggers have a full-time job!:P

Anyway,I want to give a big thank you to Shireen from Sugar and Spice communications who helped my enquiry on the exact location of Rupini's.

Yummy sugarcane drink!
Now on to the event..when I arrived I was greeted by Shireen and was given a crossword puzzle to do while we wait for our turn for the hair analysis/pampering session.I was also given a choice of drink betweet soya bean or sugarcane.Of course I choose sugarcane.

It's one of my fave!I asked Shireen where she got such fresh sugarcane drink and she told me about Dusun.Now I can buy fresh sugarcane drink without having to wait for the ramadhan bazaar.haha
Regarding the picture above it is stated that Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall line contain no SLS or SLES.Which means that the products are very green and environmentally friendly.

What are SLS and SLES?

SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate while SLES stands for Sodium Laureth Sulfate.Both chemicals can irritate our eyes and skin.There's a lot of articles on SLS and SLES and you can google about it because there's too many different ones.
The salon!
After I completed the informative crossword puzzle,I was given a hair analysis by Fatimah.

Thank you Fatimah!
I was a bit nervous because I just recently colored my hair a week back so I didn't know whether it is slightly ruined or not.But I take good care of my hair--wash every 2 days and put on a hair mask after.I don't use the normal hair conditioner because my hair is colored and requires extra moisture.

Fatimah put this video camera thing on my hair that's connected to the laptop, so that I can immediately see my scalp super up-close!She explained to me that if a follicle has three strand of hair,it is healthy.I have it allover my head.Phewww..See those three strands growing out of one follicle below?
Healthy hair!
On to the pampering session using Himalaya's anti-hair fall products!First,they massage my scalp and hair using the anti-hair fall oil.The scent of the oil was actually very light and refreshing.Usually hair oils tend to feel heavy but this clearly wasn't.The massage was really relaxing.

Afterwards,my hair was washed and then shampooed and conditioned with the rest of the Himalaya's anti-hair fall range.Then they blow dried my hair..it took two people to do so.haha
My hair being blow dried!
With Woon and Shireen.

With Shasha whom
I met from the Skintopics event :)
Lovely kuih from Dusun.
While waiting for the others to get their hair done,I managed to chit chat with some of the new bloggers like Ayue,Anfal and many more.We also munched on delicious kuih from Dusun.I also managed to get eyebrow and upper lip threading from Rupini's for only rm10.Why not kill two birds with one stone?I do threading at least once a month.It's important to look neat.:)
Justin taking a look at Shasha's hair

Afterwards,the hairstylist from Shear Perfection hair salon named Justin gave his thoughts and suggestions about some of the hairstyles that us bloggers was sporting.I had to double check this with Shireen as I saw many others referring him as David on their blog when that's the name of Rupini's Singapore's Business Development Manager--I got his biz card thus why I know this :)

Anyway,he chose me because my hair was colored and he said that it is a pretty color..as you all know in my previous post,it was colored by my boyfriend and his sister using the hair bubble thingy which I've used myself 3-4 times.haha Previously my hair was bright red thanks to Trendz salon at Grand Dorsett Subang.

He said that my layers are too long now and that I should trim my bangs/fringe a bit.I haven't trimmed my hair in..3 months?I did so a few days ago!

Something funny during his analysis of our hairstyles..he wanted to cut Shasha's bangs which freaked her out.I was too!Thank god he was just kidding.:P
the shampoo!

We received a goodie bag from Himalaya which contained a bottle of the anti-hair fall shampoo and hair cream.We also got a voucher from Rupini's for a hot oil body massage and also a discount for a hair treatment at Shear Perfection.I will definitely use all of them.
My shiny blowout thanks to Himalaya products!

All in all,it was a great and memorable event.Thank you to Rupini's staffs especially those who flew all the way from Singapore like David, to attend it and also to Himalaya staffs like Woon and Fatimah and of course Shireen Chrishanthi.Last but not least,to the awesome people of The Butterfly Project who invited me to the event.

After the event ended,I managed to drop off Shasha and Ayue at the LRT so that they can go home safely.I was glad that I managed to meet a lot of new faces.

If you were wondering where you can purchase the Himalaya anti-hair fall products you can refer to their FB page below..they have 21 outlets all over Malaysia!The price is very reasonable as the 400ml shampoo retails at rm 24.90 and the 175ml anti-hair fall cream retails at rm19.90.

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