Product Review:Natta Cosme's Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner.

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Thanks to Natta Cosme and The Butterfly Project I received this pretty package containing a beauty product for me to try and review.For someone who spends a considerable amount of money from her pay cheque every month on beauty products/toiletries,I love getting these sort of things.
Parcel arrived!
I was very impressed with the way Natta Cosme packaged the product for me.The box had pretty lace stenciling on it and it was filled with colorful streamers(not in the picture)
Oooh look what's inside!
Inside there was a lot of stuffs.I thought I'd be receiving a bottle of the toner and that's that but I was wrong.They gave me a big bottle of the toner,a sample of the highly coveted Egyptian Magic cream and they even gave me cotton pads and put it inside a pretty packaging.How thoughtful of them!
Pretty envelope!
Cards inside the envelope
Natta Cosme is basically a local website that sells various beauty products.They were kind enough to give me a bottle of Thayer's alcohol-free toner which contains witch hazel,rose petal and aloe vera.I use toner after I've wash my face using a facial wash,to get rid of any leftover residue.But according to ivillage,there are 6 reasons why we should use a facial toner:

1)It shrinks pores.
2)It gives your skin pH balance.
3)It adds a layer of protection.
4)It moisturizes.
5)It refreshes skin.
6)It can prevent ingrown hairs.

A caution so that I won't
eat the capsule below haha
A cute way
to send a message
From the message inside the capsule above:

"Cotton pads are commonly used to apply toner on face for better absorption.What do you think?"

I always always,use a cotton pad to apply toner on my face. I've been doing so since I was 16 years old.I think it's sanitary rather than using your fingers.I use my fingers to apply moisturizer but not to apply toner.Here's a link on how to correctly use a cotton pad on your face.

The toner:
Now let's talk about the toner that Natta Cosme has given me.Firstly I've to say that the bottle is huge!It's probably the biggest bottle of toner I've had.I think this will last me up to 3 months!I am so glad that the toner is alcohol free because I've been using an alcohol free toner from a different brand for years.I have oily and sensitive skin so I can't use a toner that contains alcohol because it'll strip my skin from its moisture.

Huge bottle of toner

Comprehensive explanation on the label
As you can see on the label,it is stated that the toner has a Certified Organic Witch Hazel which maintains all the beneficial natural tannins.According to WebMD:

Witch hazel contains chemicals called tannins. When applied directly to the skin, witch hazel might help reduce swelling, help repair broken skin, and fight bacteria.
Ingredients used in the toner
The toner also contains rose petal and aloe vera. The rose petals gave it a light rose scent which I love since one of the perfume I wear on a daily basis is Paul Smith Rose.Aloe vera of course moisturizes your skin.
My dead skin cells
My experience:
I've been using the toner for almost 2 weeks now.And I can say that it has been pleasant on my skin and refreshing as well.I only need to use a little bit on my face. I've read online that when you use the toner if there's brown color residue on your cotton pad,it's the residue from your makeup.

But if it's gray it means that it's your dead skin cells.Which is what happened to me.Removing dead skin cells is essential as it avoids from pimple popping up on our face.Overall,the toner has been beneficial on my skin.

I would definitely repurchase this toner once I've run out of it.I would like to try the cucumber scented one next.If you want to purchase the toner,I've link the website below.

Also Natta Cosme was kind enough to give a special discount to you my dear readers!It is valid until 15/1/2014.

The discount code is LOVEBT.You'll get RM5 discount for purchases above RM50.

Thank you to The Butterfly Project and Natta Cosme for this product.:)

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