Recent cooking and baking + Parts Unknown/NOMA

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If you've been reading this blog,you'd known that I love baking and cooking.Recently I've created an instagram account for my passion for baking/cooking.You are welcome to order any of the food that I posted on the instagram account-- @liyanabakes.Some of my desserts as you might have known are available at Foodsbury as well.:)

The day that Razin(my boyfriend) came back from working for Pesta Bola Merdeka for almost 2 weeks(this was early September..tells you how long this blog has been in draft mode),I decided to make pizza for dinner.Funny thing was that,I went to Jaya Grocer and of course lost track of time because I love the place...Razin called me and asked where I was because he has arrived from Kuantan and there was no one home.hahaha I could here the disappointment in his voice..awwwwww.

I remembered how much I missed him because we practically see each other everyday.But we were apart for 3 months during the start of our relationship because he studied outside of Shah Alam.:(

So,I made the dough using a recipe I found from Jamie Oliver and it was foolproof!Definitely a recipe for keeps.I also use the pizza crisper that I bought from a baking shop.
The cute silicone Ikea mat Razin got for me!:)
Pizza with rocket leaves
My white pizza with tuna!yummms

We've been together for almost 3 years but I've never made cream puffs for Razin.So I made this as a welcome home thing.Cream puffs are actually tedious to make because I stir the pate a choux by hand and that will result in painful arms haha.This recipe was taken from an olddddd Japanese baking book that mama bought when I was a kid.
Cream puffs for my love!
I baked key lime pie,cheesecake brownies 'cake'(ordered by my cousin's girlfriend for his birthday),warm chocolate tart,caramel slice and many more below!I usually do all this during the weekend because I'm pretty swamped during the weekdays.But I've had to bake during the weekdays before which explains my lack of sleep at times.

Key lime pie

Cheesecake brownies birthday cake order
I put fresh ricotta which I got from Taste MIGF in September(yes,the pictur

A rarity:Packed lunch
I managed to make a packed lunch one night for work the next day.I rarely get to do so because I always reach home by 11pm.After work I usually hang with the boyfriend and then I go to the gym.Sometimes I don't have time to go out for lunch so having a packed lunch saves ample of time!Made stir fried okra,anchovies and a fried egg.
Sage leaves
Here's a close up of the potato gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce that I made a few weeks back wwh.It was my first time cooking using sage leaves.It's so yummy!Especially when it's crispy.
Cereal butter prawns
I cooked dinner with one of the boyfriend's friend,Donut while we were hanging out at the house of his friend Aie one weekend.I made cereal butter prawn and pengat pisang(bananas cooked in coconut milk&palm sugar) for dessert.Donut made stir fried bok choi,omelette and sardines.Aie's girlfriend Natalie who's from UK was so cute because she helped me cook and was in awe over the ingredients and the taste of the dishes.:P
Pengat pisang
I watch a lot of cooking shows or food related tv shows.Right now I'm following quite a few shows.Anthony Bourdain's  second season is out,Masterchef Junior(US version),Knife Fight(hosted by Top Chef season 2 winner Ilan Hall) and Top Chef season 11(set in New Orleans).

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown is such a favorite of mine.I've blogged about the first season before.The first episode for his second season,he went to Israel and Palestine.What a way to start huh?It was great to see both sides and of course some of the harsh reality there.But there was still good food.Palestinian's charred watermelon salad was very unique.

The episode in Spain was great because...there they got to eat free tapas almost everywhere as long as they buy alcohol..not that I drink.But it was amazing to see all those free food that would cost a bomb here at La Bodega and so forth.

The Copenhagen episode was awesome.The boyfriend and I happened to watch the episode together and he was blown away by the food that was served at Noma.Noma have won the Best Restaurant in the World for 3 years now.

Pictures of Noma's
 food taken from the net!
I remembered watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation,season 8 episode 5--Japan:Cook It Raw,whereby some of the best chefs in the world forage for local ingredients and serve them to culinary experts and the head of the group of chefs was Chef Rene Redzepi(Noma's head chef and owner).That episode was one of my favorites!

I would love to elaborate more on the cooking shows that I'm watching but time doesn't permit me to do so.In my next post,I'd be doing something that I haven't done in awhile..a beauty product review!Stay tuned :P