September recap

Saturday, October 05, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Wow it's already 5th of October.Sorry for the delayed blogpost.It's become a habit of mine to let a blogpost being in draft mode and then totally forget to complete it.haha

For the past 3 weeks,I've been spending a lot of time at Oasis Square in Ara Damansara.Because I go to the gym there(3-4 times a week) and I just love how pretty the place is.Had lunch and dinner twice each time.
An afternoon at Oasis Square
 on a saturday after gym sesh!
I love Bad Boy Cooks because the food is quite good and the pricing is cheap considering the location of the eatery.A meal with drinks starts from rm11!

Oh by the way,the gym that I go to is the Vikings/Art of Fitness gym.I usually go to the Force Fit and Yoga classes.They've awesome trainers and I love how it makes me feel good about myself.Atleast I'm trying to be healthier.:P
Dinner at Bad Boy Cooks
Random:My mama saved this movie ticket(below) from her date with my dad,4 years before I was born!How cool is that??And look at the price of a movie ticket back then??damnnn
Did you guys watched Emmy's 2013?I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a very good job!I love when all the previous hosts came up on stage.Will Ferrell with his sons on stage in their t-shirts and jerseys was funny as well.
Watching the Emmy's!
My TESLian mates,Nadia and Fiffy got married last Saturday.Congratulations to the both of them!They've been together for years..since our uitm days!So happy for both of them.Nad looks so beautiful!They had this slideshow of all our old Uitm pictures and it was hilarious to see how much everybody have grown.Some of us might not be close anymore but there's still a lot of great memories there.

The boyfriend with Hafriz and Moja
It was great catching up with my friend Hafriz and Moja(there were table seating& they were at the same table as mine!) I can't wait for Hafriz's wedding with my friend Izlin in November.weeehooo!I told him that Razin will leave all of our wedding preparation to me if I let him play Mars Volta on our wedding day.To which Hafriz says that's cool because he's a fan as well!They get along well hahaha

Had a Sunday out with my boyfriend and his family.Went to Pavilion and had lunch at Chakri Palace--which we agreed was wayyy overprice and the food was just normal.
Went to Sephora after(of course!) with Qeema while the others went to Bentley.Afterwards we went to their grandma's house.It was my second time being there and the whole house looks different with all the new renovation.
At Sephora 
To end the night,Razin,Qeema,Raidi and I went to Oasis Square while their parents went home.We had coffee at Epiphany first(it was good!!) because Bad Boys was full!
Bad Boy Cooks again!

Sunday with the Yuzers!
If you're a Sushi King member,you would have know that they had their Sushi King Bonanza promo whereby all plates was only rm3.So I went on the first day with all the ladies at my office.Nomsss!
Stacks of plates,luscious green tea ice cream,
salmon belly&avocado sushi..yummms
A lot of tv series have come out with their new seasons!So I'm watching a bunch of stuffs.ANTM,How I Met Your Mother,Big Bang Theory,Modern Family,Survivor,Top Chef,Top Chef Masters,Masterchef US(which just ended& I should blog about that!),Revenge,Once Upon A Time,Glee,2 Broke Girls,New Girl,The Mindy Project..yes I watch all of these.

I just download all the latest episodes via or piratebay and then watch them on my tv via my WD Elements Play(one of my fave gadgets!) or I'll put some of it on my iPad because a lot of the times I've got no time to watch it at night.

Some of the new series that I've watched was Devious Maids and Mistresses--both seasons have ended and I'll probably continue watching them.haha.I love the new comedies like Mom(Anna Faris& Allison Janey) and The Crazy Ones(Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar)