Sweet little things in life

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I live my life 24/7.I have a full time job,I take baking orders on the side,I'm in a very committed relationship(lucky to be able to see my guy almost everyday),I live with my parents so I've to go back before 12am-1am(of course the earlier the better),I go to the gym a few times in a week,I maintain a blog,and etc.

So sometimes life gets a little bit swamped and that's why I appreciate the sweet little things in life.Today I'm going to blog about some of these little things.

1)Taking the time to cook..
Sometimes I make a packed lunch to bring to the office the night before work.But usually I don't have the time to cook for myself on weekdays.My colleagues and I usually have a potluck every week whereby we'll each bring a homecook dish so we get to taste a little bit of everything and save money!
Made a simple fried rice
I've made masak lemak jantung pisang(pictured below) which is banana flower cooked in coconut milk with fresh tumeric,lemongrass,birds eye chili & tumeric leaves.It's yummy!I learned it from my late grandmother on my mama's side.
Masak lemak jantung pisang by me!
Cooking is actually therapeutic for me but I rarely have the time to do so every week.So when I do,I go all out.
Made dinner with the boyfriend
One night the boyfriend came to my family's house to help me bake some desserts ordered by Foodsbury.So I made potato gnocchi with brown butter and sage leaves,garlic bread and also mushroom soup.It was delicious!ahaha But the gnocchi was pre-made of course.Ain't got no time to make fresh pasta!:P

Mama having laksa!
2)Spending time with my mama.
I took leave 2 weeks ago to accompany her to pay bills and send her to the saloon to do her hair.My mama can't drive so I've to be her driver hahah We had brunch at popiah s.s ali!
Yes I did!
3)Little beauty/bath purchases.
I buy new beauty/bath products every month.I can't help it.Recently I saw this cute Barbie liquid soap for bath at Watson and had to buy it.The Dress Up one smells so good!I use this to freshen up myself before I go to the gym after work ends.Yes I have different body wash products for different days.haha

I rarely if ever buy myself a lipstick.It'll take me a long time to decide which one to buy and plus I don't like how a lipstick feels on my lip.But while I was out with Qeema,she was buying a concealer from MAC,so I browse around and tried a few lipsticks.I decided to purchase their Sheen Supreme lipstick in Lusterfruit.The color is so pretty!
I bought stuffs from Luxola again!This time it's a facial spray from Mario Badescu and Sleek's makeup pout polish in Pink Cadillac.Both cost me only rm50.40 due to a special discount promotion that ended a few weeks ago.I love the facial spray.Will be a great pick me up after gym!

Pretty tray!

I got this pretty rose tray from Daiso.It was only rm5..of course!I used it to arrange my perfumes and body oils/butter.
I love the color
I saw this colorful nail clipper and had to buy it.I love the combination of color.Pink and purple.Two of my fave color.
 4)Seeing Qarla(the boyfriend's niece) and of course my love,almost every day.:)

We took her to Oasis
Square with her parents
Qarla is such a cute and smart baby.Growing up being the only girl in the family,I never had the privilege of watching a little girl grow up in front of me.I've seen Qarla when she was very tiny,just came out from her mother's womb and now she's 15 months old and can count until 10!She's just very smart and so adorable.She makes me can't wait to have my own children one day.

I know I'm a lucky girl to have such an amazing guy in my life who loves me unconditionally in the form of Razin.We see each other practically everyday and it's been almost 3 years that we've been together and I still look forward to see him each time.Each month on the 27th we won't forget to wish each other happy "monthiversary' haha
The boyfriend shaped the mash
this way..so cuteee haha

Last month he me made me dinner with the supervision of his mother.hahahaha Because Razin gets easily confused by ingredients.He made mashed purple sweet potatoes(my favorite color!) and also homemade skinless fried chicken.Nommms.Just making dinner for me is enough for me..food that is made with love is far better than an expensive gift :)

Fried chicken
5)A pop of color!
Pretty skirt!
It's hard to find the right kind of maxi chiffon skirt.Luckily I got this pretty lemon one from My Beautiful Rania.It is founded by two of my cousins.You can rest assured of the quality of the materials :) The picture above was taken by Qeema at Oasis Square.
I don't have a little sister but Qeema is the boyfriend's little sister and she's practically like a cool little sister to me.We had lunch at Bad Boy Cooks to survey the place(Oasis square)for a friend who's opening a restaurant soon.

6)Good food.
I love pomegranates and my parents will buy like 6 of them for me every week.It's pretty pricey!

I had always wanted to try canele but rarely saw them being sold at any bakery.I bought the one above from Lavender bakery at Pavilion and it was goooood.Can't wait to try and bake them soon.But I need to find the canele mould first.
Chicken rice
Chicken rice is one of my favorite food.Had this recently which was cooked by my boyfriend's mother.I helped her roast the chicken.It was delicious!!
Bad Boy Cooks simple & delish Caesar Salad
I like how a salad doesn't cost a bomb at Bad Boy Cooks..like Razin's eldest sister said she doesn't get why people charge so much for vegetables.A plate of caesar salad at Bad Boy cost only rm8 and it comes with beef bacon though I wish there were croutons as well.But it was still good!

7)Spending time with great people on the weekend

I met Shakira when we participated in Old Blossom Box's preloved party back in 2011.Recently she asked me to join her to go to the gym for a 7-day trial and now we're both enrolled with them.It hasn't been a month yet but I feel better about myself because I'm doing something better for my health.Though my eating habits need to be tweaked as well.One step at a time!
Our bare face after gym..so amoi looking!
We also went to my friend Cindy's  event last Sunday at Big Chomp!The burger was huge and good though it was quite expensive but it was in accordance to the quality of the food.Thank you Cindy for inviting us!

With our boyfriends!
It was great to go out with the boyfriend on a Sunday as well.We go out almost every Sunday now.My boyfriend is such a hermit and he always prefer to stay at home.That's why you see pictures of me with his niece/family because my man is such a homebody/family guy which is actually a good thing..though going out just the two of us once in awhile is nice as well :P
Love you silly man!


Cindy Tong said...

im glad u enjoy the burger!nommmm nommm i think their price are quite ok though!!!!!!