November in pictures of food--eating/cooking/baking :)

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Ahhh Julia Child..don't you just love her and her funny quotes?I think the quote above is very true.In this blogpost,I've compiled pictures of food that I've bake/cook or eat in November.

Baking on a Sunday!
As usual,every week I'll be baking desserts for Foodsbury's orders.Some of them were chocolate tarts,choc chip cookies,blueberry boy bait cake and so forth.Pictures below :)
Chocolate tarts
Blueberry boy bait with cinnamon sugar crust!
The boyfriend lovessss cheese sauce like the ones served at KFC for the cheezy wedges.So I made the sauce for him and he loves them.I love them too!
Post-workout meal.Gym on weekdays are from hour of Force Fit and one hour of Yoga.Afterwards I'll be a bit hungry.So I made this healthy meal of salad with flax seeds,homemade croutons and roasted sesame dressing(the dressing is so yummy!).

Very filling!
A few weeks back I was asked to cook for bolognese and carbonara along with baked nachos for 60 people for a children's birthday party.From this order I managed to find a place that sold plastic containers for cheap.Pity it's a bit far from my house.So if I were ever to go there again,I'll have to purchase everything I want.
Preparing the sauces
Cheesy baked nachos
One night I was busy cooking up a lot of things in the kitchen.Wanted to make beef teppanyaki because I was craving for it..the dish is so simple and inexpensive but outside they charge a lot for it which I don't get..
From top left:Roasted pumpkin,marinated beef,roasted eggplant & choc strawberries 
Roasted pumpkin for my snack..also roasted eggplants for eggplant 'caviar'..a recipe that Gordon Ramsay created.It was yummy.You can see the recipe link HERE.I made the beef teppanyaki and stir fried bean sprouts for dinner.Also decorated a cheesecake brownie 'birthday cake' requested by a customer with lots of chocolate covered strawberries.

My beef mushroom teppanyaki

Stir fried beansprouts
Pretty isn't it?:P

When I've the time,I'll make packed lunch the night before,for work the next day.A few weeks back I made a simple one..wild mushroom soup,homemade garlic croutons and salad with roasted sesame dressing.

Packed salad and soup for lunch
One of my favorite cake flavor is pandan.Recently I baked this pandan cupcake and brought them to the office for my colleagues!:)
Pandan cupcakes


My favorite guy with my fave butter prawns
I love Homst's butter prawns.It's the best.I've tried butter prawns from so many places--Serai,Mohd Chan Abdullah,various seafood places..but Homst is still the best there is.Had lunch there with the boyfriend and ordered our usuals--stir fried baby kailan&sweet & sour fish!
Looks can be deceiving.This is so yummy!
I love durian.Most Malaysians does.It's the king of fruits!My mum made lempuk durian(its like a sweet porridge) with pulut(sticky rice).It was goooood.I haven't eaten pulut durian in ages.So my craving was satisfied!
Yong tau fu!
Had these delicious yong tau fu at Paradigm after watching The Hunger Games:Catching Fire (will blog about that soon)with the boyfriend.I think the name of the eatery was Eat&Happy Yong Tau Fu..I love the dipping sauce for the yong tau fu.That determines whether it'll taste good or not.

We love Ichiban boshi!
I love eating Japanese food.Luckily the boyfriend loves it too..he's even more adventurous than me.Pictures of what we ate at various sushi places--Ichiban Boshi,Sushi zanmai and sushi king.
New item at Sushi king!

Sushi Zanmai's good!
One time during lunch at work,I didn't know what to eat.So I went to Sunway Pyramid with my colleague and saw Pomme Frites.I decided to try their poutine fries.I've heard about poutine and what it is from cooking shows..but usually it's serve with cheese curds and gravy.Pomme Frites uses mozzarella cheese instead.It was delicious!!!But definitely not something you should eat every week.

Sometimes I want to eat certain foods randomly..One day I wanted chicken soup with potatoes and carrots..serve with lots of spring onions.It was delicious!
Simple but oh so good!
During lunch hour,if I don't know what to eat,I'll usually buy Sisters crispy popiah.It's cheap and delicious!
Sisters crispy popiah
I have a lot of pending blogpo


How do I keep my colored hair healthy?*Tips*

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The first time that I colored my hair was in 2010.I've colored my hair at the hair salon three times and the remaining I did it myself.From 2010-2013 I've probably colored my hair like...15-20 times??It's always a different shades of brown but I did a crazy bright red in April this year.I just went for it because I was at the hair salon and there was so many pretty hair swatches.I actually colored it with my mum next to me as she was doing the rebonding treatment.
3 different haircolor this year
This year I colored my hair 3 times.In April I dyed it red.In October(yes it was a longggg time before I recolored it again hahah) I used the Liese bubble hair color in Ash Brown.But recently I used the one below.My hair still have a bit of red in it but it's not as bright as before.I loveee the color below and would repurchase it and also it's superrrr moisturizing.But it has ammonia so if you don't like the smell make sure you buy other brands that are ammonia free. 

I've had quite a few people asking me how do I keep it looking healthy and soft?I think it's quite simple...You can refer to my many blogpost about my haircare..HERE and HERE.
But today I'll be blogging about something new that I've been using on my hair which I've been loving.They're below--Ellips hair vitamin.
This is great for your hair!

I think this is amazing and great for travelling.You only have to shampoo your hair,towel dry it and pop one of the capsules on your head and massage it and let it air dry.Super easy and very moisturizing.It's so inexpensive as was only rm9.90 for 12 capsules.

I wash my hair every 2 days using Clairol Herbal Essences long term relationship's line(the red one)--the shampoo and the mask.I don't use the normal hair conditioner because my hair is colored so extra moisture is important!I also blow dry my hair using an ionic hair dryer and a paddle brush.You can refer this in my old blog posts.

I've to admit I rarely use hair serum throughout the day..I only use a tiny bit before and after I blowdry my hair and that's it.

I will however share with you some of my hairtips to get rid of product buildup=shinier hair... I've done this a few times and it works!

1)After shampooing your hair,mix 1 part mouthwash with 8 parts water,pour over your head(close your eyes of course!) and massage it all over your scalp.Leave for about 5 mins and rinse with cold water.It get rids of product buildup and dandruff as well.

2)After shampooing your hair, mix a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.Same as above.This makes your hair super shiny though it does have a funky smell to it.My advice,follow up with a nice smelling conditioner afterwards.:)


Komugi's chocolates and Mochi Sweets!

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As you know,I love the pastries from evident by my previous blogpost..which Komugi shared on their Facebook as well. I've been eyeing their chocolates ever since I saw them at their outlet in Subang Parade.The chocolates aren't available at the Sunway Pyramid outlet which is near my office..but I heard that they're available at Paradigm and Pavilion as well.It's called chocoletto and you can check their FB page HERE.
I love the pretty packacing
Since I bought them weeks ago,I can't remember how much they were..if I'm not mistaken it was rm56 for 12 chocolates and you can choose from their various flavors.

The various flavours

12 chocolates
& one of my fave:Tropicana
I choose 11 flavors..I took 2 creme brulee because the boyfriend and I love the dessert..we thought the chocolate version would taste awesome as well.And it definitely was!The flavors that I chose was China Doll,Koko Loco,Hazelnut Cafe,Mango Creme,Blackcurrant Bliss,Zen,Raspberry Burst,Love Potion,Pistachio Crunch,Tropicana and Creme Brulee.

My fave were Tropicana,Mango Creme,Love Potion,Koko Loco and Creme Brulee.I would definitely buy the chocolates again!And I think the chocolates would make great gifts

I love mochi!Recently the boyfriend bought me a box of 6 mochi from Mochi Sweets.I've eaten their mochi once or twice before.But I always order the sweet potato mochi.Mochi is made out of glutinous rice flour.Traditionally in Japan they'd pound rice into a paste to make it.

Mochi with their different flavors
I tried new flavors like chocolate mousse,mango and mango mousse and they were goooood.I just don't like the peach one for some reason.It tastes weird.Not like peaches that I usually eat..fresh or canned.

Mmmm mochi innards!
 Here's the FB page for mochi sweets.Thank you boyfriend for the mochi sweets!Oh,the price was rm21 for 6 mochi.


Issue of fate on How I Met Your Mother

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I've to be honest that How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM,have been getting on my nerves because they keep spinning the story round and round..

Now that it's the last season(thank God!),they're finally showing us who's the mother.When I saw the mother in the finale of season 8,I was a bit disappointed because I thought she'd be..hotter?

That was a bit shallow on my part..but as I've watched the "mother" in season 9,I've to admit that she's cute as a button!

I just watched the latest episode of season 9--episode 9.And at first I was like..why are they still doing this flashback thing when we're suppose to watch how Barney&Robin's wedding unfolds.

I understood why the episode had to be in such a way..they had to show how the "mother" was the one who influence Barney to pursue Robin and marrying her.They actually met at a drugstore,while he was trying to hit on her.

If only Ted would have known at that time that the woman he'd marry was her.But they haven't met then yet.:)

That episode resonated with me because back when I was 12 years old,before school assembly,I'd sit with this girl who would talk about Kevin Zegers and other actors that I'd never know about.

How would I know that 11 years down the road I'd fell in love with her cousin?Who's now my boyfriend of 3 years? The boyfriend was also in the same highschool as I was back when I was 15 years old but we've never met.

Also,my parents grew up in the same neighborhood as my boyfriend's parents even know of his siblings.My dad shared the same colleagues as my boyfriend's mum because they used to work for the same airline.

Fate works in such a funny way.Don't you think so?


Short review--THOR:The Dark World

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I went to watch THOR:The Dark World with the boyfriend last Saturday evening.Being a fan of Tom Hiddleston,I just had to watch it.There was no way I was going to miss it.So how was the movie?

It was enjoyable like any Marvel movie.Basically in this movie,Loki is being imprisoned over what he did in The Avengers know,trying to take over the world and such.But there's a bigger threat lurking..

There's this dark elf name Malekith(picture in the poster above..the one with the obvious elf ears)who wants his weapon called the Aether which just happens to 'infect' Jane Foster.And Thor brought her to Asgard to be 'healed'.But of course it's not as easy as that..

Also,Thor had to ask help from Loki in order to destroy Malekith.Seriously,Loki always gets the best and hilarious one liners in the movie.There's a twist(gasp!) in the movie that will probably affect Loki's fans..for awhile.But do remember that Loki is the God of Mischief...ahahhhhh!:P

I will give this movie 3/5.

As usual,wait until at the end of the credits to see a bonus scene!

I want to share with you a hilarious interview between Smosh and Tom Hiddleston.He was such a good sport about it!


Book Reviews!Jenny Colgan,Lauren Weisberger,Kevin Kwan&Sophie Kinsella.

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Some of my books!
I have to confess that I read a lot more books during my university days compared to in my working days(almost 3 years now).I have books that I bought and haven't read in months.Pictured above was taken in 2011..I have a lotttt of books.Hundreds of them that some have to be given away(to Foodsbury/sold) or kept in storage.My room can only fit a few books now because I added two closets and a shoe cabinet..haha.

That's why I love the convenience of ebooks. Because I get to 'carry' a lot of books in my iPad with me anywhere I go.So here are some of the books that I've read this past few months.Only one of them wasn't an ebook(no.2).

1.The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan
This book was quite okay.It had some hit and misses.But it involves the making of chocolate which was a big plus and how a girl named Anna Trent goes to Paris to learn how to make proper chocolate because previously she worked at a factory that mass produces it in the States.Thanks to her former French teacher Claire who's also battling an illness who helped her get a job with her former lover,Thierry.

I guess the flashback about Claire's and Thierry's past quite frankly bore me.So that was why I didn't really enjoy this book as much as the one below written by the same author.But I like the part when Anna finally was able to master how to make proper chocolate and also when she fell in love with Thierry's son!:P

2.Welcome To Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop Of Dreams

I quite love this book.It's about Rosie who moved to the countryside to help take care of her elderly aunt,Lilian who had a sweet shop.She began to revive the shop and also lift the spirits of her aunt.I love how at the start of each chapter,the author will explain about a type of sweets with the recipes..some I've never heard before!I like how Rosie is quite adorable at times..she's a little bit insecure with herself and etc.

And of course,there has to be a romantic interest.I loathe her boyfriend Gerard who sounds like a complete tool but she found a new love interest in the village of Lipton..someone you could never imagine she'd fall for..well,that's the fun in it right?This was a sweet(pardon the pun!) read :)

3.Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
This book was hilarious!I love Sophie Kinsella and I've all of her books so I know that this will be a fun and light read.It's about Lottie who expected her boyfriend Richard to propose to her but when he never did,she left him and met her old flame Ben.Ben asked her to marry him and this made Lottie's sister Fliss befuddled and she's determined to stop the wedding from happening.Hilarity ensued!If you want a book that will make you laugh,do read this one!

4.Revenge Wears Prada:The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger

I was obsessed with  The Devil Wears Prada book back in uni days and I've read it so many times!So I was happy that they came out with a sequel to it.Was this book any good as the previous one??Well..not really..I enjoyed reading it but it's entirely different than the The Devil Wears Prada which was something that I could read over and over again.Andy is now a founder of a wedding magazine named The Plunge with Emily(remember her from the first book?).She's also with a new guy who's wealthy and perfect named Max.But suddenly Miranda comes back into her life and wants to buy her magazine!

5.Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

After I finish reading the book,I realized that Kevin Kwan himself is a Singaporean!No wonder the book was very detailed in terms of places around Singapore and Malaysia.One of my mum's favorite place to go on vacation,Cameron Highlands,was mentioned in the book as well.Basically this book is about exactly what the title described--Asians who are crazy rich!

I actually love this book.A book that is quite "fluffy" written by an Asian guy!Who would've thought?When I read the book and how detailed it is..I wonder if some of the characters are real?It's too complicated to blog about the characters in this book because there's soooo many family members from different family.

But in short,it's about Rachel Chu's who's an economist and Asian American and her boyfriend Nicky Young brings her to his bestfriend's wedding in his hometown Singapore. Unbeknownst to Rachel,Nicky comes from a veryyyyy rich family and his family members..particularly his mum and grandma are very particular on who he should or should not be marrying.

When I read this book it reminded me about typical Asian families..regardless whether they're rich or not.But actually non-Asian families are like that as well.They want their children to be married to someone who comes from the 'right' background.In Rachel's case because she comes from a single parent family and isn't rich,she was looked down upon by some of the people in Nicky's life in Singapore.

It was great when some Malay words was added into the book as well..being Malaysian and all I was a tiny bit proud of that.:P

I love this book and I hope that Kevin will write a sequel to it because I want to know what will happen to Rachel and Nicky next.


The Butterfly Project Luau Party:Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu

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A luau party at a spa???Take me there!!

The Butterfly Project + Kinohimitsu will be having a luau party soon for 50 bloggers from the community where there'll be hula dance,prizes,goodie bags,spin the wheel lucky draw and many more.They're basically bringing Hawaii to us for one night.I can't wait to join and already have a tropical themed outfit in mind.:P

If you've been a follower on my instagram or read my blog these past few years,you'd know that I love drinking tea.But with no sugar please!So it's inevitable that I'd love Kinohimitsu's Japan Detox Tea in Peppermint flavor.

Taken from their website,it is stated that the tea..." is a blend of natural traditional herbs which provides a light, delicious caffeine-free beverage that helps achieve results. This tea gently rejuvenates the body, lessen feeling of fatique. It restores vigour to those who often feel weak or tired. Especially after a long tired day, J’pan D’tox Tea is great for people with hectic, demanding lifestyles with lower resistance to body and mental discomfort."

Doesn't the tea sounds perfect for me as I live my life 24/7..sometimes it seems like there's not enough hours in a day.hahaha..Okay so now let's move on to the important stuffs....

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu?

Here are some of the reasons why I want to party with Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project community :)

1)As I'm quite new to the community,I would like to be able to join the Luau Party to get to know more bloggers and expand my social network. I've went to two events so far and have met quite a few girls and made new friends.But there's so many others that I haven't had the chance to meet yet.I'm so thankful for the opportunities and events that I've been invited to thanks to the awesome people from The Butterfly Project!:)

2)I love going to the spa.But I haven't been able to do so in recent months due to job constraint + baking orders that I take on the side.I would be utterly grateful to be able to have a fun and relaxing night at the same time with a bunch of girls,at an amazing spa--Vila Manja.It is called the Best Malaysian Spa after all!I'm sure everybody will have a great time.If I get to go to the party,I would definitely have to take 1/2 day leave from work so I can prepare myself for it!:P

3)Here's the thing..Hawaii has always been a place that I've dream of going for such a long time.Don't you??They have such beautiful beaches!Imagine how excited I was when I found out that The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu is having a luau party??I can't wait to see the hula dancers,the decorations,the outfits that everyone will be wearing and many more.It'll be festive for sure!I can't wait to learn how to hula dance.

4)Kinohimitsu have a wide range of health products but I haven't had the chance to try them other than the tea.So hopefully i'll be lucky enough to get awesome stuffs from spinning the wheel lucky draw!

Okay before this post becomes too long,I'll end it here.To know more about the events and Kinohimitsu's products,kindly click the link down below.

The Butterfly Project:

Kinohimitsu's website:

Kinohimitsu's FB page:


Churpremiere:Carrie(2013) *spoilers alert*

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On Monday night I went to GSC Paradigm for the premiere of Carrie thanks to Churp Churp and GSC.I've seen the original Carrie movie ages ago when I was a teen and vaguely remembered the movie except for the prom scene.I really wanted to watch the remake because of Chloe Moretz.I love her in Kick Ass and was curious to watch how she'd fare being the lead in a horror movie.

Razin and I got the tickets at 8.30pm and the movie starts at 9.30pm.So we had one hour for dinner.Went to Sushi Zanmai and of course we had to queue for about 15mins.But I love their sushi so no complains :)

Yummy dinner!
Oh,for book lovers,Popular had a sale in the middle of Paradigm?I got this book above in hardcover for rm11.Such a steal.This will add to my collection of three other books by Lauren Weisberger.

We got really good seats for the movie.It was in the middle of the cinema.Yeayyy!:)

I'm not sure of the difference between this Carrie movie and the original one but I can definitely say that both Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz was really good in this movie.Julianne Moore plays Carrie White's mother who's Christ obsessed and likes self inflict pain.She just completely creeps me out.Her super frizzy hair and Chloe Moretz's as well annoyed me.hahaha They did a good job in that department.:P

I feel really sorry for Carrie because she has such a crazy mother who didn't event tell her that one day she will get her period and that having period meant that you have sinned??That scene in the gym shower with Carrie and all the other girls when she freaked out about her period was just so sad.

The prom scene was EPIC.Chloe Moretz freaking killed it(this is a pun,if you've watched the movie haha).It was awesome seeing her unleashing her power and being evil to some of the people who probably deserve it.Though I was sad for Tommy because he was genuinely nice to her

This movie also showed how cruel teens can be in highschool--the whole uploading an embarrassing video on the internet thing,being super rude to your teacher when you clearly deserve the punishment.*sigh* You will definitely feel the urge to give Chris a huge slap in the face.

Out of 5 I'd give this movie 3.5.

So the movie is out today at all major cinemas across Malaysia.Go out and watch the movie..especially for the much awaited prom scene.:)


#GscHorrorFest-- Rigor Mortis,Second Sight and Insidious 2.

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Hello November!This post was a late one and for that I'm sorry..:)
Insidious 2 'set'
On the 26th of October ,I got to attend the #GSCHorrorFest which was organized by GSC,ChurpChurp and Nuffnang at GSC One Utama.It started from 6pm and ended around 2am.The boyfriend was my +1.He brought a backpack..not his usual look but because he wanted to fit in his iPad,Macbook,my blanket and lots of other stuffs.

We arrived at One Utama around 6pm,quickly registered and got a goodie bag each.The contents of the goodie bag can be seen below.Sticky candy,devil horns that lights up,voucher for popcorn& drink and a small doll.

Inside our goodie bag

The ticket
After registration there was a light spread of food--cold cuts,cheese&crackers,vege dip,pudding,noodles.There was also a booth for temporary tattoos.Razin took a bite of the food.I took the mango pudding.
Skull made from meat!
Because the movie will be starting at 7.30pm and we had more than an hour to kill,we went to Fish&Co for a light dinner.Had the dishes below.We love Fish&Co!
Crispy white bait
Appetizer platter
Got my cat mask on!
I got a few weird looks as I was holding my cat mask and then posing with it at Fish&Co haha But oh what the heck right?:P

Chocolate waffle and hazelnut latte
After the first movie,we went for dessert.Shared a chocolate waffle and also iced hazelnut latte at..Waffle House..I think?Had to have some caffeine because I was a bit sleepy.Here's my personal review on all three horror movies that we watched that night.

1.Rigor Mortis

What is the meaning of Rigor Mortis??I only know that Mortis means death in Latin.Here's what Wiki says about it.So how was the movie??There was a few parts that scared me but it doesn't distract from the flawed storyline.But I like the starting of the movie as I thought the grey concrete look was beautiful.

The movie is basically about Chinese vampires.But it starts as a story about a former actor who moved into a haunted apartment.There were parts that were very gross/gruesome that I had to watch it by peaking through the blanket that I brought with me.hahaha

I'd give this movie 2.5/5.
Second Sight
2.Second Sight

No offense to the Thailand movie industry but this movie was bad.It's like one of Malaysia's typical Malay tv dramas but made into a movie.Bad acting(watch the Jum character and you'll know what I mean),in one scene you can see the green screen,a guy making love to a sofa(you have to watch it to believe it).I read online that the director wanted to inject humor into a horror movie..which I guess he managed to do so because it wasn't terrifying at all.

The hero in the movie who's a lawyer named Jate who has the ability to see the bad karma of others & the ghosts that surrounds them.Oh yeah the name of the female characters in the movie is funny--Jum(which is "go" in Malay language),Gift or Khaew(pronounce as Cow haha).

I'd give this movie...1/5.Sorry!
3.Insidious 2

I actually like Insidious and it scared me quite a bit.So how did the sequel fared compared to the first one?...

There was some pretty terrifying moments..particularly those involving mother Mortis. There was some twist and turns which will make you go..."ahaaaa".So you better play close attention to some of the scenes.The second movie is basically the continuation of  "the woman" that we saw at the end of Insidious who came back with Josh.With Josh..or???hahaha

The heart-stopping scene to me was when Josh tried to kill Renai and then the real Josh rush to "come back".arghhhhhh Okay..that's a spoiler!I won't reveal much anymore.haha

It is suffice to say that Insidious 2 is wayyyyy better than Rigor Mortis or Second Sight.:P

Thank you so much to GSC,Churp Churp and Nuffnang for an awesome time.Never thought I'd be able to watch three horror movies in a row.But I did!Although I did peak through the blanket that I bought a lot of the time.haha