Book Reviews!Jenny Colgan,Lauren Weisberger,Kevin Kwan&Sophie Kinsella.

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Some of my books!
I have to confess that I read a lot more books during my university days compared to in my working days(almost 3 years now).I have books that I bought and haven't read in months.Pictured above was taken in 2011..I have a lotttt of books.Hundreds of them that some have to be given away(to Foodsbury/sold) or kept in storage.My room can only fit a few books now because I added two closets and a shoe cabinet..haha.

That's why I love the convenience of ebooks. Because I get to 'carry' a lot of books in my iPad with me anywhere I go.So here are some of the books that I've read this past few months.Only one of them wasn't an ebook(no.2).

1.The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan
This book was quite okay.It had some hit and misses.But it involves the making of chocolate which was a big plus and how a girl named Anna Trent goes to Paris to learn how to make proper chocolate because previously she worked at a factory that mass produces it in the States.Thanks to her former French teacher Claire who's also battling an illness who helped her get a job with her former lover,Thierry.

I guess the flashback about Claire's and Thierry's past quite frankly bore me.So that was why I didn't really enjoy this book as much as the one below written by the same author.But I like the part when Anna finally was able to master how to make proper chocolate and also when she fell in love with Thierry's son!:P

2.Welcome To Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop Of Dreams

I quite love this book.It's about Rosie who moved to the countryside to help take care of her elderly aunt,Lilian who had a sweet shop.She began to revive the shop and also lift the spirits of her aunt.I love how at the start of each chapter,the author will explain about a type of sweets with the recipes..some I've never heard before!I like how Rosie is quite adorable at times..she's a little bit insecure with herself and etc.

And of course,there has to be a romantic interest.I loathe her boyfriend Gerard who sounds like a complete tool but she found a new love interest in the village of Lipton..someone you could never imagine she'd fall for..well,that's the fun in it right?This was a sweet(pardon the pun!) read :)

3.Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
This book was hilarious!I love Sophie Kinsella and I've all of her books so I know that this will be a fun and light read.It's about Lottie who expected her boyfriend Richard to propose to her but when he never did,she left him and met her old flame Ben.Ben asked her to marry him and this made Lottie's sister Fliss befuddled and she's determined to stop the wedding from happening.Hilarity ensued!If you want a book that will make you laugh,do read this one!

4.Revenge Wears Prada:The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger

I was obsessed with  The Devil Wears Prada book back in uni days and I've read it so many times!So I was happy that they came out with a sequel to it.Was this book any good as the previous one??Well..not really..I enjoyed reading it but it's entirely different than the The Devil Wears Prada which was something that I could read over and over again.Andy is now a founder of a wedding magazine named The Plunge with Emily(remember her from the first book?).She's also with a new guy who's wealthy and perfect named Max.But suddenly Miranda comes back into her life and wants to buy her magazine!

5.Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

After I finish reading the book,I realized that Kevin Kwan himself is a Singaporean!No wonder the book was very detailed in terms of places around Singapore and Malaysia.One of my mum's favorite place to go on vacation,Cameron Highlands,was mentioned in the book as well.Basically this book is about exactly what the title described--Asians who are crazy rich!

I actually love this book.A book that is quite "fluffy" written by an Asian guy!Who would've thought?When I read the book and how detailed it is..I wonder if some of the characters are real?It's too complicated to blog about the characters in this book because there's soooo many family members from different family.

But in short,it's about Rachel Chu's who's an economist and Asian American and her boyfriend Nicky Young brings her to his bestfriend's wedding in his hometown Singapore. Unbeknownst to Rachel,Nicky comes from a veryyyyy rich family and his family members..particularly his mum and grandma are very particular on who he should or should not be marrying.

When I read this book it reminded me about typical Asian families..regardless whether they're rich or not.But actually non-Asian families are like that as well.They want their children to be married to someone who comes from the 'right' background.In Rachel's case because she comes from a single parent family and isn't rich,she was looked down upon by some of the people in Nicky's life in Singapore.

It was great when some Malay words was added into the book as well..being Malaysian and all I was a tiny bit proud of that.:P

I love this book and I hope that Kevin will write a sequel to it because I want to know what will happen to Rachel and Nicky next.