Churpremiere:Carrie(2013) *spoilers alert*

Thursday, November 07, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

On Monday night I went to GSC Paradigm for the premiere of Carrie thanks to Churp Churp and GSC.I've seen the original Carrie movie ages ago when I was a teen and vaguely remembered the movie except for the prom scene.I really wanted to watch the remake because of Chloe Moretz.I love her in Kick Ass and was curious to watch how she'd fare being the lead in a horror movie.

Razin and I got the tickets at 8.30pm and the movie starts at 9.30pm.So we had one hour for dinner.Went to Sushi Zanmai and of course we had to queue for about 15mins.But I love their sushi so no complains :)

Yummy dinner!
Oh,for book lovers,Popular had a sale in the middle of Paradigm?I got this book above in hardcover for rm11.Such a steal.This will add to my collection of three other books by Lauren Weisberger.

We got really good seats for the movie.It was in the middle of the cinema.Yeayyy!:)

I'm not sure of the difference between this Carrie movie and the original one but I can definitely say that both Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz was really good in this movie.Julianne Moore plays Carrie White's mother who's Christ obsessed and likes self inflict pain.She just completely creeps me out.Her super frizzy hair and Chloe Moretz's as well annoyed me.hahaha They did a good job in that department.:P

I feel really sorry for Carrie because she has such a crazy mother who didn't event tell her that one day she will get her period and that having period meant that you have sinned??That scene in the gym shower with Carrie and all the other girls when she freaked out about her period was just so sad.

The prom scene was EPIC.Chloe Moretz freaking killed it(this is a pun,if you've watched the movie haha).It was awesome seeing her unleashing her power and being evil to some of the people who probably deserve it.Though I was sad for Tommy because he was genuinely nice to her

This movie also showed how cruel teens can be in highschool--the whole uploading an embarrassing video on the internet thing,being super rude to your teacher when you clearly deserve the punishment.*sigh* You will definitely feel the urge to give Chris a huge slap in the face.

Out of 5 I'd give this movie 3.5.

So the movie is out today at all major cinemas across Malaysia.Go out and watch the movie..especially for the much awaited prom scene.:)