#GscHorrorFest-- Rigor Mortis,Second Sight and Insidious 2.

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Hello November!This post was a late one and for that I'm sorry..:)
Insidious 2 'set'
On the 26th of October ,I got to attend the #GSCHorrorFest which was organized by GSC,ChurpChurp and Nuffnang at GSC One Utama.It started from 6pm and ended around 2am.The boyfriend was my +1.He brought a backpack..not his usual look but because he wanted to fit in his iPad,Macbook,my blanket and lots of other stuffs.

We arrived at One Utama around 6pm,quickly registered and got a goodie bag each.The contents of the goodie bag can be seen below.Sticky candy,devil horns that lights up,voucher for popcorn& drink and a small doll.

Inside our goodie bag

The ticket
After registration there was a light spread of food--cold cuts,cheese&crackers,vege dip,pudding,noodles.There was also a booth for temporary tattoos.Razin took a bite of the food.I took the mango pudding.
Skull made from meat!
Because the movie will be starting at 7.30pm and we had more than an hour to kill,we went to Fish&Co for a light dinner.Had the dishes below.We love Fish&Co!
Crispy white bait
Appetizer platter
Got my cat mask on!
I got a few weird looks as I was holding my cat mask and then posing with it at Fish&Co haha But oh what the heck right?:P

Chocolate waffle and hazelnut latte
After the first movie,we went for dessert.Shared a chocolate waffle and also iced hazelnut latte at..Waffle House..I think?Had to have some caffeine because I was a bit sleepy.Here's my personal review on all three horror movies that we watched that night.

1.Rigor Mortis

What is the meaning of Rigor Mortis??I only know that Mortis means death in Latin.Here's what Wiki says about it.So how was the movie??There was a few parts that scared me but it doesn't distract from the flawed storyline.But I like the starting of the movie as I thought the grey concrete look was beautiful.

The movie is basically about Chinese vampires.But it starts as a story about a former actor who moved into a haunted apartment.There were parts that were very gross/gruesome that I had to watch it by peaking through the blanket that I brought with me.hahaha

I'd give this movie 2.5/5.
Second Sight
2.Second Sight

No offense to the Thailand movie industry but this movie was bad.It's like one of Malaysia's typical Malay tv dramas but made into a movie.Bad acting(watch the Jum character and you'll know what I mean),in one scene you can see the green screen,a guy making love to a sofa(you have to watch it to believe it).I read online that the director wanted to inject humor into a horror movie..which I guess he managed to do so because it wasn't terrifying at all.

The hero in the movie who's a lawyer named Jate who has the ability to see the bad karma of others & the ghosts that surrounds them.Oh yeah the name of the female characters in the movie is funny--Jum(which is "go" in Malay language),Gift or Khaew(pronounce as Cow haha).

I'd give this movie...1/5.Sorry!
3.Insidious 2

I actually like Insidious and it scared me quite a bit.So how did the sequel fared compared to the first one?...

There was some pretty terrifying moments..particularly those involving mother Mortis. There was some twist and turns which will make you go..."ahaaaa".So you better play close attention to some of the scenes.The second movie is basically the continuation of  "the woman" that we saw at the end of Insidious who came back with Josh.With Josh..or???hahaha

The heart-stopping scene to me was when Josh tried to kill Renai and then the real Josh rush to "come back".arghhhhhh Okay..that's a spoiler!I won't reveal much anymore.haha

It is suffice to say that Insidious 2 is wayyyyy better than Rigor Mortis or Second Sight.:P

Thank you so much to GSC,Churp Churp and Nuffnang for an awesome time.Never thought I'd be able to watch three horror movies in a row.But I did!Although I did peak through the blanket that I bought a lot of the time.haha