How do I keep my colored hair healthy?*Tips*

Saturday, November 23, 2013 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

The first time that I colored my hair was in 2010.I've colored my hair at the hair salon three times and the remaining I did it myself.From 2010-2013 I've probably colored my hair like...15-20 times??It's always a different shades of brown but I did a crazy bright red in April this year.I just went for it because I was at the hair salon and there was so many pretty hair swatches.I actually colored it with my mum next to me as she was doing the rebonding treatment.
3 different haircolor this year
This year I colored my hair 3 times.In April I dyed it red.In October(yes it was a longggg time before I recolored it again hahah) I used the Liese bubble hair color in Ash Brown.But recently I used the one below.My hair still have a bit of red in it but it's not as bright as before.I loveee the color below and would repurchase it and also it's superrrr moisturizing.But it has ammonia so if you don't like the smell make sure you buy other brands that are ammonia free. 

I've had quite a few people asking me how do I keep it looking healthy and soft?I think it's quite simple...You can refer to my many blogpost about my haircare..HERE and HERE.
But today I'll be blogging about something new that I've been using on my hair which I've been loving.They're below--Ellips hair vitamin.
This is great for your hair!

I think this is amazing and great for travelling.You only have to shampoo your hair,towel dry it and pop one of the capsules on your head and massage it and let it air dry.Super easy and very moisturizing.It's so inexpensive as was only rm9.90 for 12 capsules.

I wash my hair every 2 days using Clairol Herbal Essences long term relationship's line(the red one)--the shampoo and the mask.I don't use the normal hair conditioner because my hair is colored so extra moisture is important!I also blow dry my hair using an ionic hair dryer and a paddle brush.You can refer this in my old blog posts.

I've to admit I rarely use hair serum throughout the day..I only use a tiny bit before and after I blowdry my hair and that's it.

I will however share with you some of my hairtips to get rid of product buildup=shinier hair... I've done this a few times and it works!

1)After shampooing your hair,mix 1 part mouthwash with 8 parts water,pour over your head(close your eyes of course!) and massage it all over your scalp.Leave for about 5 mins and rinse with cold water.It get rids of product buildup and dandruff as well.

2)After shampooing your hair, mix a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.Same as above.This makes your hair super shiny though it does have a funky smell to it.My advice,follow up with a nice smelling conditioner afterwards.:)


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