Issue of fate on How I Met Your Mother

Saturday, November 16, 2013 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I've to be honest that How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM,have been getting on my nerves because they keep spinning the story round and round..

Now that it's the last season(thank God!),they're finally showing us who's the mother.When I saw the mother in the finale of season 8,I was a bit disappointed because I thought she'd be..hotter?

That was a bit shallow on my part..but as I've watched the "mother" in season 9,I've to admit that she's cute as a button!

I just watched the latest episode of season 9--episode 9.And at first I was like..why are they still doing this flashback thing when we're suppose to watch how Barney&Robin's wedding unfolds.

I understood why the episode had to be in such a way..they had to show how the "mother" was the one who influence Barney to pursue Robin and marrying her.They actually met at a drugstore,while he was trying to hit on her.

If only Ted would have known at that time that the woman he'd marry was her.But they haven't met then yet.:)

That episode resonated with me because back when I was 12 years old,before school assembly,I'd sit with this girl who would talk about Kevin Zegers and other actors that I'd never know about.

How would I know that 11 years down the road I'd fell in love with her cousin?Who's now my boyfriend of 3 years? The boyfriend was also in the same highschool as I was back when I was 15 years old but we've never met.

Also,my parents grew up in the same neighborhood as my boyfriend's parents even know of his siblings.My dad shared the same colleagues as my boyfriend's mum because they used to work for the same airline.

Fate works in such a funny way.Don't you think so?


~emi~ said...

hai, singgah baca entry :)

natasha said...

I love himym very series ever.sad that it almost over.i was dissapointed too when i c the mother at 1st,then i think she is quite bubbly :)

hi liyana!! was really nice to meet you yesterday at the luau...and OMG i share all your thougths about HIMYM season 9. really annoyed at how the kept doing the flashback and 9 episodes in Barney and Robin are STILL NOT YET MARRIED. and yes I was dissappointed too at the end of Season 8 when I saw the mother, cam laa camni muka dia hehe and that ep with Lily showed how cute and nice she is!