Komugi's chocolates and Mochi Sweets!

Saturday, November 23, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

As you know,I love the pastries from Komugi..as evident by my previous blogpost..which Komugi shared on their Facebook as well. I've been eyeing their chocolates ever since I saw them at their outlet in Subang Parade.The chocolates aren't available at the Sunway Pyramid outlet which is near my office..but I heard that they're available at Paradigm and Pavilion as well.It's called chocoletto and you can check their FB page HERE.
I love the pretty packacing
Since I bought them weeks ago,I can't remember how much they were..if I'm not mistaken it was rm56 for 12 chocolates and you can choose from their various flavors.

The various flavours

12 chocolates
& one of my fave:Tropicana
I choose 11 flavors..I took 2 creme brulee because the boyfriend and I love the dessert..we thought the chocolate version would taste awesome as well.And it definitely was!The flavors that I chose was China Doll,Koko Loco,Hazelnut Cafe,Mango Creme,Blackcurrant Bliss,Zen,Raspberry Burst,Love Potion,Pistachio Crunch,Tropicana and Creme Brulee.

My fave were Tropicana,Mango Creme,Love Potion,Koko Loco and Creme Brulee.I would definitely buy the chocolates again!And I think the chocolates would make great gifts

I love mochi!Recently the boyfriend bought me a box of 6 mochi from Mochi Sweets.I've eaten their mochi once or twice before.But I always order the sweet potato mochi.Mochi is made out of glutinous rice flour.Traditionally in Japan they'd pound rice into a paste to make it.

Mochi with their different flavors
I tried new flavors like chocolate mousse,mango and mango mousse and they were goooood.I just don't like the peach one for some reason.It tastes weird.Not like peaches that I usually eat..fresh or canned.

Mmmm mochi innards!
 Here's the FB page for mochi sweets.Thank you boyfriend for the mochi sweets!Oh,the price was rm21 for 6 mochi.