November in pictures of food--eating/cooking/baking :)

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Ahhh Julia Child..don't you just love her and her funny quotes?I think the quote above is very true.In this blogpost,I've compiled pictures of food that I've bake/cook or eat in November.

Baking on a Sunday!
As usual,every week I'll be baking desserts for Foodsbury's orders.Some of them were chocolate tarts,choc chip cookies,blueberry boy bait cake and so forth.Pictures below :)
Chocolate tarts
Blueberry boy bait with cinnamon sugar crust!
The boyfriend lovessss cheese sauce like the ones served at KFC for the cheezy wedges.So I made the sauce for him and he loves them.I love them too!
Post-workout meal.Gym on weekdays are from hour of Force Fit and one hour of Yoga.Afterwards I'll be a bit hungry.So I made this healthy meal of salad with flax seeds,homemade croutons and roasted sesame dressing(the dressing is so yummy!).

Very filling!
A few weeks back I was asked to cook for bolognese and carbonara along with baked nachos for 60 people for a children's birthday party.From this order I managed to find a place that sold plastic containers for cheap.Pity it's a bit far from my house.So if I were ever to go there again,I'll have to purchase everything I want.
Preparing the sauces
Cheesy baked nachos
One night I was busy cooking up a lot of things in the kitchen.Wanted to make beef teppanyaki because I was craving for it..the dish is so simple and inexpensive but outside they charge a lot for it which I don't get..
From top left:Roasted pumpkin,marinated beef,roasted eggplant & choc strawberries 
Roasted pumpkin for my snack..also roasted eggplants for eggplant 'caviar'..a recipe that Gordon Ramsay created.It was yummy.You can see the recipe link HERE.I made the beef teppanyaki and stir fried bean sprouts for dinner.Also decorated a cheesecake brownie 'birthday cake' requested by a customer with lots of chocolate covered strawberries.

My beef mushroom teppanyaki

Stir fried beansprouts
Pretty isn't it?:P

When I've the time,I'll make packed lunch the night before,for work the next day.A few weeks back I made a simple one..wild mushroom soup,homemade garlic croutons and salad with roasted sesame dressing.

Packed salad and soup for lunch
One of my favorite cake flavor is pandan.Recently I baked this pandan cupcake and brought them to the office for my colleagues!:)
Pandan cupcakes


My favorite guy with my fave butter prawns
I love Homst's butter prawns.It's the best.I've tried butter prawns from so many places--Serai,Mohd Chan Abdullah,various seafood places..but Homst is still the best there is.Had lunch there with the boyfriend and ordered our usuals--stir fried baby kailan&sweet & sour fish!
Looks can be deceiving.This is so yummy!
I love durian.Most Malaysians does.It's the king of fruits!My mum made lempuk durian(its like a sweet porridge) with pulut(sticky rice).It was goooood.I haven't eaten pulut durian in ages.So my craving was satisfied!
Yong tau fu!
Had these delicious yong tau fu at Paradigm after watching The Hunger Games:Catching Fire (will blog about that soon)with the boyfriend.I think the name of the eatery was Eat&Happy Yong Tau Fu..I love the dipping sauce for the yong tau fu.That determines whether it'll taste good or not.

We love Ichiban boshi!
I love eating Japanese food.Luckily the boyfriend loves it too..he's even more adventurous than me.Pictures of what we ate at various sushi places--Ichiban Boshi,Sushi zanmai and sushi king.
New item at Sushi king!

Sushi Zanmai's good!
One time during lunch at work,I didn't know what to eat.So I went to Sunway Pyramid with my colleague and saw Pomme Frites.I decided to try their poutine fries.I've heard about poutine and what it is from cooking shows..but usually it's serve with cheese curds and gravy.Pomme Frites uses mozzarella cheese instead.It was delicious!!!But definitely not something you should eat every week.

Sometimes I want to eat certain foods randomly..One day I wanted chicken soup with potatoes and carrots..serve with lots of spring onions.It was delicious!
Simple but oh so good!
During lunch hour,if I don't know what to eat,I'll usually buy Sisters crispy popiah.It's cheap and delicious!
Sisters crispy popiah
I have a lot of pending blogpo