Blake Lively--her wedding.Super late post!

Monday, December 23, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I was looking at pictures on my iPad and realize that I never got around to blog about how much I love Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds wedding spread on Martha Stewart Weddings!So I check my draft mode on blogger and guess what..this blogpost has been in draft mode since MAY 2013.Goodness gracious!!!I completely forgot about it hahaha I'm so bad at completing draft blogposts.*sigh*

So let's complete this blogpost!

I've been adoring Blake Lively since I found out what a food geek she the sense that she really genuinely loves cooking!This came from interviews I read over the years and it was mentioned by her costars.Also you might have seen the videos below:

The amazing dessert buffet at her wedding.I hope I can do this to mine!

I did a similar dessert like the blueberry topped one for Qarla's 1st birthday(the boyfriend's niece) back in February this year.(below)
Mini blueberry cheese tarts!

I think chilled grapes is a great idea to give to guests as a pre snack!

This a short post but I felt so bad for putting this on draft mode for so long.haha I've quite a number in drafts as well.