#Churpremiere The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug *lil bit of spoilers*

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Last week when I received the invitation from Churpremiere for The Hobbit's second installment-- The Desolation of Smaug,I was overjoyed!Been wanting to watch the movie because I'm a fan of LOTR (Lord of The Rings)and The Hobbit..I've never missed going to the cinema for any of the movies.

Last night was the premiere of the movie at TGV's Sunway Pyramid and I was given two tickets to watch the movie in HFR(High Frame Rate) 3D.It was amazing!Naturally,I brought my favorite movie partner--my boyfriend,to go with me.He has read the book years back..and I've to admit that I haven't.hahaha.I only read LOTR.:P

The movie started an hour late though due to technical difficulties but all is well..we're gonna watch the movie for free so who are we to complain anyway.

I've watched movies in many format and in many different cinemas-TGV's The Club,Beanieplex,2D,3D,Imax 3D,GSC's Gold Class and etc..yeap..I'm a big movie buff!But this was the first time that I watched a movie in HFR 3D.

It was really awesome.You feel like you're in the movie.Sometime it was too real and scary--case in point when Sauron was up close in front of you.*shudders*

So how was the movie?Just like what I said on my instagram caption last night--magnificent!I enjoyed every last bit of it.

You'll notice that Peter Jackson appeared at the very start of the movie!It was a blink and you'll miss it moment.

The movie starts with Bilbo,Gandalf and the thirteen dwarves,running from Orcs and meeting a shape shifter creature named Beorn.Then they had to enter the scary looking Mirkwood where they met giant spiders and then got captured by wood-elves.Cue enters the dashing Legolas.Oh I remembered swooning over him in LOTR.

Legolas looks older here when in fact The Hobbit was before LOTR..hahaha But that doesn't distract from the fact of how amazing he looks whenever he kills Orcs with his bow and arrow..in one scene he also had to use his fists!He just looks very agile and super quick.

Thranduil/Lee Pace
Then,we got to meet the equally dashing BUT has a bit of a scary look as well..he's Legolas's father,Thranduil.I was super excited because it was played by Lee Pace!!He's from Pushing Daisies--the boyf&I love that series..and the movie The Fall--I blogged about that movie HERE..and also..Wonderfalls!I freakin love that tv series.I thought Lee Pace was awesome as Thranduil.

She actually doesn't exist!
We also meet Tauriel played by that chick from Lost.Do you know that she actually doesn't exist in The Hobbit's book?Peter Jackson created her character just for this movie.

The boyfriend was a bit pissed with her character because in the movie it made it looked like she has feelings for Kili..when in actual fact,dwarves and elves doesn't get along at all in The Hobbit and the only friendship that exists is between Legolas and Gimli in LOTR.

Gandalf didn't go to Mirkwood and went to Dol Guldur where he discovers who's the Necromancer..this was a scary scene for me because it was "in my face" due to HFR 3D.

After Bilbo managed to help the dwarves escape(ooh,if you're watching it in HFR 3D,be prepared to feel like you're in the river with the dwarves..haha),they went to Lake Town with the help of Bard.Who looks like Johnny Depp!haha There's more to him actually..but to know that,you've to watch the movie!
Is that you Johnny?haha

Lotsa gold!

When it was the scene between Bilbo and Smaug in Lonely Mountain,I can't help but think..Sherlock and Watson!This being since Martin Freeman is Bilbo who's also Watson in BBC'S Sherlock and Smaug is the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch..who's duh..Sherlock!

There was so many gold in that scene and did you know that to make that scene look realistic as possible,it resulted in no gold paint in the ENTIRE of New Zealand?hahah

I find that Smaug the dragon to be very very smug and boastful.He seems to think that he's immortal..but of course that's not the case!He can die and perhaps we'll get to watch it in the next movie.

At the end of the movie,the entire cinema was like..."noooooooo"...We really didn't want it to end and on such a cliffhanger!But good things come to those who wait.

I enjoyed the movie immensely and want to give a big thank you to Churp Churp for giving me the tickets.

I'd give the movie 4.5/5.A must watch!

In fact,I'm treating my entire family and have bought the tickets for them to watch it this Saturday!I bet they'll have a really good time.:)