Friend's wedding,work&catering

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I forgot to mention this...I've change my blog link to a domain!!In case you didn't notice :p

Now it's :) I will elaborate on how that happened on my next blogpost.For the time being,I'll share with you what I've been busy with these past few weeks.


Hafriz and Izlin,two friends that I've known since my uitm days,got married to each other a few weeks ago.I went to their wedding on 30th of November(technically it's not in December but I only got around to blog about it now) in Kepong.Didn't manage to go to their akad nikah in Kelantan due to work.
Back when we were young
with our friend Tatie
I've known Hafriz since I was 18 years old and he's one of my close guy friends.We took Pre-TESL together,went to the same school for practicum,repeat a class together(hahaha that lecturer who taught us for one semester & then quit & left a lot of damage to her students!),we've only had one big fight throughout our friendship (which we can laugh about nowadays when we think about it) and I saw him go through relationships with other girls back in uni of whom I didn't approve of hahaha.
Serious talk hahaha
When he met Izlin,they just clicked.I've never seen Hafriz being so devoted to a girl like he was with Izlin :) I was close to Izlin as well because she use to live with some of my good friends and I would always hang out at their house.I was just excited about their wedding because they're the proof that if you truly love each other,nothing can get in the way.I've said it to them but I would like to say it here as well..congratulations on your beautiful wedding and I can't wait to see little Hafriz&Izlin's babies :P

Alliance Bank Smart Biz Academy SME Innovation Challenge
3 other people weren't in the picture!
 If you follow me on twitter or is a friend of mine on Facebook,then you'd known that the company that I'm working for,for more than a year now was in the top 3 finalist for Alliance Bank Smart Biz Academy SME Innovation Challenge.From 224 nominations,it was narrowed down to 13 and finally it was the top 3.God knows we work so hard to get where we are.Last year there was only 4 of us in the company and I was the only girl.Now we have three more co-workers and soon we'll be moving to a new office!:)
We won!
I would like to thank the enormous support that we got from students from various universities that voted for us!We won second place and was given rm100k which will be put into good use for the expansion of our company :)


I've catered for people around 3 times only.But every week I'll be baking desserts for my friend's cafe,Foodsbury and the orders from regular customers.So one day I was a bit surprised when Hanie,a friend of my boyfriend,emailed me asking me if I could cater for Fabspy's christmas party for 80 people.
Chocolate tart
After a few more emails,we finalized the menu!Chicken lasagna,chicken mushroom pies,roasted potato salad with beef bacon,pan friend onion dip and chocolate tart.It was quite scary because they were putting a great amount of trust in my food :P

Chicken mushroom pies
Sauteed mushrooms
Pan fried onion dip with vegetable sticks
Roasted potato with beef bacon salad
I cooked and baked for 3 straight days and I want to thank my friend Shakira who spend her afternoon to help me with the tarts..also to my awesome boyfriend Razin and his brother Raushan who came to my house and drove two cars to Damansara to send the food.My boyfriend stayed with me and helped heat up the lasagnas with me :)

More blogposts to come!:)