Heli Lounge Bar

Thursday, December 12, 2013 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Few weeks back the boyfriend and I went to Heli Lounge Bar!I've heard about the place from my boss and my boyfriend's sisters.So I was excited to go there and watch the beautiful view.The bar is located on top of Menara KH..which INTI KL is in.

Wearing my fave kimono top,
custom made by boyf's bro's girlfriend.:)
I actually called the bar a week before and asked if I can book a table but they said in order to do so,I've to buy a bottle of wine..but the boyfriend and I both doesn't drink.So they said it's okay I can just walk in.When I told my colleague about this she was like..they're discriminating against people who don't drink and I should say something about it.But I was like..it's okay..they need to make a business!

My love :)
When we arrived there we just went straight up and forgot to order drinks at the bar first.You need to have a drink with you to enter the helipad.Luckily for us the servers was so nice and gave us the menu on the helipad& we ordered from there.Drinks are pricey.2 juices cost us rm40.But it was worth the pretty view.

Clearly I wasn't ready
We had to stand and walk around because all tables were full.There were many people standing as well.

Beautiful sunset
The sunset was just so beautiful!We were there for about 1 hour..couldn't order food as there was no tables available.But as we were about to leave,the guy who was manning the front of the stairs on top of the helipad was so gracious and apologized to us because we couldn't get an empty table.

He even told me tips about days when there's empty tables and such.That was a great service,making your customer feel a little bit special.I would recommend people to come here just for the beautiful view. The bar opens everyday except for Sunday from 6pm onwards.

 Below is the link to their FB page.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm planning to go there for my anniversary. but im afraid if there's no table for us. Do u know which day that there are least people going there?

Hye anon,if I'm not mistake monday evening there's not many people.You can call them&check.

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm planning to go there with my friends. Do all the food are halal?