My beauty resolutions for 2014

Friday, December 20, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm sure quite a lot of you have heard of the beauty brand Yadah which hails from Korea.I've used one of their product in the past which was gentle yet effective(pictured below)&it was great on my skin because it's very sensitive.
Great for my acne!

Yadah's products are made out of natural and botanical plant ingredients, it's organic and chemical-free,and also has no artificial colouring, thus it suits people like me who have super sensitive skin.

In order to be able to join my fellow butterflies in January for an event involving Yadah,I've to list down my 2014 beauty resolutions!So here it goes...

1)I will wear sunblock/suncreen everyday

I'm very bad at this and rarely wears sun protection on my skin which doesn't help pigmentation and dark spots on my complexion at all!

2)I will wear eyeshadow atleast 2-3 times a week

I almost never wear any eyeshadow on my eyelids hence why I wasn't very excited as some of the other girls were about Naked 3.I only wear black liquid eyeliner and mascara everyday.Sometimes I line my eyes in navy/brown/teal or purple eyeliner.I hope that next year I will switch it up a little bit!

3)I will moisturize my body better

I'm one of those girls who when she gets out of the shower,doesn't put on any body butter/lotion/body oils to moisturize her body.Funnily enough,I've all three but I always,always forget to use any of them.

Plus you're suppose to put them on immediately after you shower because your skin is damp and it'll absorb more moisture.

So those are my 2014 beauty resolutions&I can't wait to be able to join my fellow butterflies for a great time with Yadah and also Sasa!


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