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Saturday, December 21, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I have perfect vision but years ago I just wanted to try wearing colored contact lenses,just for fun!And then I stopped wearing them.Plus the boyfriend doesn't like me in them.Fast forward to three years later,I discovered this website whereby you can purchase various brands of contact lenses online.And I was given the opportunity to review about purchasing contact lenses on their website.I thought..why not!

I used to buy just Acuvue..I think..I never knew there was an extensive line of colored contact lenses in so many designs!

So let's start on how to make your purchase on Mr Lens's website.

1)Go to their website HERE.

2)Create an account so you can start making your purchases.It's very easy and only requires a few details.

Create an account
3.Select from the array of contact lenses available.Their selection is amazing!

4.After you've decide which lenses you want to purchase,add it to your cart.

5.And then of course you've to make payment.Mr Lens have a lot of different payment method which is very convenient!

 6.After you've made your purchase,they'll send you an email regarding it.And then after 3 days,they'll ship it to you.I made the order on Friday night and it arrived on Wednesday.

7.Items arrived!They even gave me a free lanyard which was nice of them.There was also a booklet on the various contact lenses that they sold.
My selection!
Verdict of their service?
The item arrived perfectly BUT I had some issues regarding the fact that we can't track our parcel at all.They gave us a tracking number but it doesn't exist anywhere.So I had to trust that the item has been shipped and will arrive safely.

The item?
The contact lenses was really comfortable!I've to admit that for someone who hasn't worn them in years,putting them on wasn't easy.Especially because the lenses was so soft that if you had the fan turned on in your room,it'll fly off from your fingers haha 

But that meant wearing it will be really comfortable and it was!Definitely worth the price as it was about rm20-30 more expensive than the normal colored contact lenses out there.But I think it's worth it because it's your eyes!

Wearing the violet contact lenses
So if you want to purchase comfy colored contact lenses from a trusted buyer,do head over to Mr Len's website(I'll link it below).

Mr Lens's website
Mr Lens's FB page
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The Butterfly Project Malaysia's website