The Butterfly Project Malaysia high tea + Serverfreak

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Finally I'll blog about how I change my blog to a domain after 7 years haha..:)

My blog has been online for quite sometime.I started it when I was in my early university years,around 7 years ago.I'm 26 now and this year I started accepting some of the advantages that it comes with having a blog.Finally going to events, movie premieres,taking part in blogging campaigns and such eventhough I've been asked to do so months and years back.

It's merely because 2 weeks after I finish my studies I was recruited to work with the no.1 bank in Malaysia at one of their headquarters and during the 2 years that I worked with them,I had no life whatsoever.Currently I've been working with Textbookasia for more than a year and I love that my time is more flexible now.I've time to go to gym,holidays and events such as the ones I'll be blogging about.

I'll probably never make a Facebook page for my blog just because this blog started as a labor of love,not a job and it was for me to improve my writing in English because I was a TESL student when it started.But I've to admit that I love and appreciated the opportunities that have come my way.

I've managed to meet new friends though I've to admit that sometimes my social anxiety gets in the way of things.I'm actually very awkward and shy with strangers and it'll take awhile for me to open up.But once I do,watch out!hahaha 

I'm very thankful that I found The Butterfly Project group and by becoming their member,I've been able to join quite a number of events since September this year.I've met a lot of girls who are so nice and friendly as well.:)
Anway,on 7th of December,I was invited along with 49 other butterflies from The Butterfly Project Malaysia for a high tea with Serverfreak and thanks to them,I managed to purchase this domain!So finally I transitioned from blogpost to having my own domain which is pretty cool!
The venue
The venue of the high tea was at Show.Case in Plaza Kelana Jaya.
Illy and Ayna  from The Butterfly Project with our gift bags!
Look at the stacks of books on top of the table pictured above?All of us got to pick one..they were cute children books which I'm sure was purchased at BBW!:p
I looked too white here haha
Beautiful table setting

I loveee the beautiful setting.Look at the table above and pretty!

The best macarons I've tasted!
Love the quiche!
Tea anyone?

The food for the high tea and the table setting was provided by Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party.All of it was delicious!My fave were the quiche and the macarons.I've tasted quite a few different macarons from Whishk,Delectable By Su and many more and I've to say this were the best!
Picture time!
Like all of the other Butterfly events,there's a photobooth from love the multicolored ribbon backdrop that they used.
Love the ribbon backdrop
With Innanie
With Iqa
With Ayda
Above are the pictures of me with some of the butterflies.Had a great time with them!
We also had a performance by one of the Butterflies,Edazz!She sang beautifully :)

Taken from Butterfly Project
As you can see,being bloggers and well-versed with social media,look at what everybody was doing above..including me hahaha

Taken from Butterfly Project
Last but not least,we had a presentation from Serverfreak regarding what they do and also on their special wordpress package!

This is the main reason why I was stoked in joining this high tea because I truly wanted to know how I can upgrade my blog.

You can actually let Serverfreak create a whole new look for your blog and also change it to a domain, like what I did.All you have to is get a header ready for your blog(mine was designed by my guy at Plusmore!)
Wordpress account features
Imagine having 5 domains in one account.A lot of bloggers have their on online shopping blog/baking blog(like me!) so it's convenient that this package comes with 5 domain.

So how much is the cost for whole package?

For first year it's RM 298.
Renewal fees(1 year) is RM198.

Monthly it will only cost you around RM25 to maintain your blog which is cheap.And for the following year it's only RM16.50!

You can learn more about the package by clicking HERE.

To know more about Serverfreak,here are the links:

FB page:

Taken from Butterfly Project

Thanks to Serverfreak,I managed to change my blogpost address to a domain!You can also do so by clicking HERE. Price starts from RM40 annually!
Love the macaron & cupcake!
Thank you for the cute gifts from The Butterfly Project and also the lovely food and desserts from Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party.
Cool door gifts!
Tammy/Mamasan also made this DIY notebook for us to purchase and help with the Butterfly's fund.I bought one in the design below.It's so cuteee!My fave color is purple :)

Bought this DIY notebook
A new year will be upon us in 5 more days!I want to do a few more blogposts before the years ends.Will update soon.:)


haloo!! nice meeting you that day..
I think I should call you kak liyana..hormat2! hehehee..

it was nice meeting you too pretty!hahahaha Panggil liyana pon xpe..i look young for my age kan??:P