The Butterfly Project Xmas Potluck party!

Friday, December 27, 2013 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Last Saturday night,The Butterfly Project Malaysia had an Xmas potluck at Sekeping Sin Chew Kee.It was my first time ever bringing Razin to an event that consisted of 95% girls haha But I had to because the place was foreign to me and I heard that there's no it was at night.

I was thankful that he went and drove me there because it was raining really bad on the way to the place and we were stuck in traffic for 30 mins while we were...600 meters away from the place!It was crazy.

I was a little bit drenched in rain from walking from the car to the place and when I arrived,the girls had already started eating..Mamasan/Tammy was so nice and gave a towel for me to dry off :P

Reindeer shirt!
I wore a maxi skirt from The Limited Rainbow and a crop reindeer shirt from Glamorous for the night.

The venue was so pretty.I bet it would look even better in daylight.

For the potluck I baked blueberry boy bait cake and also since I brought Razin with me,I roasted some pumpkin for a dish for him to bring.
It was a hit!
 I love turkey but I only get to eat turkey slice/turkey bacon.Not a whole turkey!So I was so happy that there was a whole turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce at the potluck.It was delicious!


There was so much food!From roast chicken to pasta,nasi dagang,nasi lemak bungkus,springrolls,satay,sushi,salads and so much more.

More food!
Lotsa drinks
Dessert table

100 bottles of Kinohimitsu!
All the girls was excited with the 'dish' above.hahaha Bottles of Kinohimitsu collagen drinks..Seriously though,I've drank a few bottles before and I noticed a difference in my complexion!
Enjoying his turkey!
My plate!

After eating,we had gift exchange which was organized by Cindy.We were given a number for our gifts which we had to write on a post it and then describe about it--we can lie or not,so that when everybody reads the note,they'll get to choose the gifts.It was cool and hilariously chaotic when all the girls scrambled to read the notes.

Post its!
Scrambling to find our gifts!
I got Hada Labo's whitening set and also some facial masks.The Hada Labo one would be great for travelling!All of us also got a pretty xmas package from Bisou Bon Bon.It contained their solid perfume in Provence, a lavender sachet,a pretty pair of earrings and a candy cane on top.I love their packaging!

Of course we had to take lotsa pictures!There was also a photobooth from Seriously though,I told Razin that when we get married,I want at our's so great that our guests will get instant photos of the day for them to bring home.
Anfaal and I with our guys!

The boyf looked at me instead of the camera haha

Mucking around!
I was looking at somewhere else!With Shasha and Anfaal :)

Poor lighting!
We have similar noses haha
I look really weird that night hahaha Must have been the rain :p Yes I tend to slouch when I take pictures -_-
I looked so pale!
Thank you to Butterfly Malaysia for the awesome night and of course all of the girls and some boys(haha) who were there.Thank you to the boyfriend who was an awesome sport though I know he would rather not go haha Atleast he had a pretty good time!


The Butterfly Project Malaysia:
Sekeping Sin Chew Kee

Bisou BonBon and Bisou Rose


Cindy Tong said...

so nice to meet u for the third time and counting!haha wish we can chat longer though....hahaha glad u had fun reading the notes!!lol!

yeahh but it's okay babe you were busy!The notes was very creative :P