The Hunger Games:Catching Fire movie

Monday, December 02, 2013 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

If you read my previous blogpost about the Hunger Games book trilogy and also the first movie or my tweets about Jennifer Lawrence throughout the say I'm just a fan is an understatement.I'm a hugeee fan!

So I was super excited that the movie based on the second book from the trilogy is finally out in the cinema.I managed to watch the movie last Sunday with the boyfriend.Finally got the time to truly write about the movie.

Before that I would like to rant a little bit about GSC's currently weird/sucky online ticketing service that my boyfriend had to experience.

My guy always buy our movie tickets online and we watch movies frequently.I don't know if this happened to others recently but he bought the Catching Fire movie tickets for Saturday but somehow he got the date wrong&bought the Friday tickets instead.But..GSC only emailed the tickets to him mere 30mins before the movie starts!We lodge a complaint and filled up the form for a refund.

So on Saturday night he bought another Catching Fire movie tickets from GSC but this time he didn't want to take any chances and save it in PDF format iust in case they don't email him the tickets..Guess what?We watch the movie on Sunday afternoon and even after we finish watching it,he still didn't receive any email from GSC giving him the tickets!And all these years,whenever he buys the online movie tickets they'll always send him the email so he can print them.It's such a hassle and annoying!GSC better fix this issue soon.

Anyway,below is a pic of our movie ticket.Check the date..clearly this is a delayed blogpost.Been really busy!
Okay back to the movie..

I have to say that I was pretty emotional watching the movie.I'm just a big softy.I almost cried during like 4-5 of the scenes from the movie.Jennifer Lawrence did a great job as usual :) I love how her body is real--not stick thin.She has real arms..which you can see in the movie.

Did the movie stay true to the book?For the most parts yes!Even the boyfriend who didn't read the books love this second installment.He didn't like the first one.He said changing the director was a good idea!
In her 'wedding' dress
I have to say that Jennifer looked stunning in her "wedding" dress.

I love the chemistry between Katniss and Peeta.I just find Peeta so sweet and endearing.The movie was exciting and far better than the first one.Catching Fire is my favorite book of the trilogy.

It was awesome seeing the Quarter Quell come to life and all the past tributes come together to compete..again.The character Johanna had a lot of spunk!In the book Finnick was a lot more conceited..but in the movie he's surprisingly likeable.
I love how the makeup made
Katniss looks so different here!
I was most excited to see the challenges that the tributes had to endure throughout the Quarter Quell..reading it in the book and now seeing it on screen is amazing.This movie is definitely a must see!

Out of 5,I'd give this movie a 4!I can't wait for Mockingjay 1 and 2.The last book will be split into two movies.

I have so many pending blogposts!Must complete it soon.It's the month of December!Only a month before we get to 2014.woahhhh I have holiday plans for January that I can't wait for.:))


Zulfahmi said...

I love Johanna!

Yeah, this movie did the book justice. For me, the second book is the best out of the three, so I had high hopes for Catching Fire movie. It didn't disappoint.

I sobbed a little during the first part & then was truly intrigue by the action.

Reading the book sort of spoiled the experience a bit coz I knew what's gonna happen next. But seeing everything I read came to life was amazing. Love the clock ring depiction.

Sorry for the late reply on your comment haha

Yeah catching fire was awesome wasn't it?

The clock ring depiction was brilliant!