BBC's Sherlock season 3--first episode:The Empty Hearse

Friday, January 03, 2014 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I've been waiting for the third season of Sherlock's to start.It's been such a long time!Over 2 years?When the first episode which was called "The Empty Hearse" ended last night I was a bit sad because I realized that there's only 2 episodes left to go!

So of course,from the finale of season 2,we'd known that Sherlock didn't fall to his death but the question was HOW?So many theories was shared on the net and some of them were plausible.I wanted to share my theory here last year but never did haha.

I wanted to blog more about season 1 and 2 of Sherlock but I thought why give it all away when people should experience the brilliance of the show themselves?Two of my favorite actors are in this tv series and they're flawless in their acting.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are just such good actors!In this first episode,the boyfriend and I was amazed with Martin Freeman's acting..especially when he founds out that Sherlock is still alive.*gasp* His reaction was just epic..that was a really great scene.

So did the episode explained how Sherlock survive his fall??I guess....?

Sherlock mentioned there were 13 different ways that he came up with for his survival from the fall,with 13 different code names,but only two were explained in the episode--please disregard the gay theory of Sherlock & Moriarty hahaha

We'll never really know how he survive his fall!But it did show that he choose the Lazarus plan when he texted his brother.I think they use the name Lazarus because the writers for Sherlock used to be writers for Doctor Who and there's an episode from Doctor Who called Project:Lazarus?Yeah..I did a little bit of googling :P

We also got to meet Sherlock's parents for only like a split second haha.Oh yeah,a lot of people knew that Sherlock wasn't dead and has been alive for the past two years.Molly knew,Mycroft knew,his parents knew,his homeless network knew..a lot of people knew except for Watson and Mrs Hudson.So it's understandable why he's so mad.

Molly has moved on and so does Watson..I laughed when Mrs Hudson was surprised that Watson is marrying Mary when she thought that Sherlock is his boyfriend hahahah 

Oh by the way,did you know that Mary who's played by Amanda Abbington is actually Martin Freeman's real life partner?They've been together for 13 years and have a son and daughter together!I know this before season 3 came out and shared this info with the boyfriend.So when Watson said all those sweet things to Mary,it wasn't hard for Martin Freeman to connect with what he's saying..awwww

In this episode,after Sherlock revealed himself to the public from the 'dead',he had to help Mycroft with a terrorism issue..which I won't elaborate here because you guys should watch the episode!But I can tell you that it was really sexy at the start of the episode when Sherlock was tortured because you could see his ripped body..haha Also,he drives a motorcycle in one of the scene!

Sherlock's fan,rejoice!There's only two more episodes to go.The second episode(The Sign of Three) will come out on 5th of January(UK).So we get to download and watch it a day or so after that.Hail technology!haha


Jasmine Rosli said...

lol, the gay moriarty n sherlock nearly kiss was hilarious! fan service was everywhere in this episode.
i can't stop watching the scene where sherlock smashes into a window n kisses molly..i mean it's not the kiss that i kept repeating, it was the hair ruffle and coat flip...

when i was watching the episode i didnt know at first that mary was actually martin freeman's partner..
i noticed the way they kissed in the episode seemed liked it was natural as if they're a married couple. then i googled n found out.

i love that they used benedict's real parents in show...i mean u can see his eyes in his mom's eyes..

yeah mrs hudson's assumption that watson's gay from the start was LOL...XD

can't forget to mention the john and sherlock bromance in here..their chemistry gets better n better.

martin freeman's acting is worthy of another bafta..

the comedy in this episode..gosh...
i was laughing hysterically the way they put sherlock's scenes with john in the doctor's room... the middle finger, the writers...

oh n regarding how sherlock survived the fall..i think sherlock told anderson the truth..i read somewhere on tumblr that if he had to choose someone to tell, it has to be his biggest fan. (since john kept interrupting him whn he wants to tell him)

cant wait to read another sherlock post from u :)