Of places and people:Kedai Pelik,Burger Factory and a wedding,

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It has been so long since I last blog about anything.Trust me it's not on purpose.Been awfully busy moving to our new office,which might I add,is closer to home because it's in Shah Alam!I don't have to face crazy traffic jam every day anymore..hooray!Pictures of the launching day of our office are below :)
With my office mates,Kak Siti&Sam

Glorious food

So many flowers!

Anyway,this post has been in draft mode for a few weeks so here it goes.Sorry for being a bad blogger but honestly I was busy living my life to the fullest :P

My friend Freaky(or Firdaus Putra,which is is his real name) opened his own store in Shah Alam.I've known him since my Uitm days and when people ask we would always say that he's my cousin because I look exactly like one of his cousins..haha.

Anyway,Freaky started Boonga Art Shoes back when we were in uni days and he was featured in various media for it.Now finally he has his own store and he named it Kedai Pelik(Weird Store) which is situated in Section 7 Shah Alam.The store has shirts and merchandise from many local brands like:

Mayhem,OAG,Wulpak,Sifu,Homeboy,Pelik,Swanx,Beli Tee,Boonga,Komplot,Karma,Relorva,Tie Dye,12amstudio,Beli Tee,Tempatan, Logic Skatewear and many more!

The boyfriend wearing his Kedai Pelik's shirt
On the opening day I managed to buy a shirt by Pelik for the boyfriend which he wore above.The boyfriend and his brother commented that the fabric was very nice.Super soft cotton t-shirt!There were a performance on the opening day,food(I provided the chocolate chip cookies) and an ice cream man!

Congratulations again to Freaky!For more information on Kedai Pelik,kindly click on the link below and like their page!

Kedai Pelik's FB:


Had a late lunch on the same day at Burger Factory because Qeema suggested it.The burgers were pretty good.Even the onion rings.But the chocolate milkshake was a disappointment.
Love the bottle chandelier!

Jar lamps!

My lunch date!

I ordered the Bacon Razor burger and it was delicious!But Qeema said the patty was a bit dry.Would I go there again?Probably in a few months hahaa The burger was so huge that I couldn't finish them.:P

Burger Factory's FB page:

I'm very thankful that my boyfriend,Razin has a family that makes a point to make me feel like I'm one of them even when Razin and I aren't married yet haha.They always invite me to join them for dinner outside,family meeting and recently I went to the wedding of Razin's cousin.
With my love
His aunt whom I've met and we've even met at two weddings(my cousin's&my friends Hafriz&Izlin's),invited me personally and I went with Raushan's(Razin's brother) girlfriend,Maisara.Our boyfriend was busy with the wedding preparation so we went together haha The theme for Razin's cousin's side was grey and his mum gave me a baju to wear since I didn't have any formal attire in grey :P

Maisara and I
Oh,the boyfriend and his brothers shopped for their suits/ties/pants for the wedding and after they came back,they kept putting on the outfits with different combinations..twice!hahah
Raidi,Raushan&the boyf

Sayang's full outfit&Qarla was like
..what are my uncles doing?
Qarla the angelic flower girl

Mucking around with Raidi&Raqeema

Qarla :)


With everyone

Drinks at Uncle K at midnight!
I guess this blogpost is pretty short?Haha Blogging is not easy!You have to take pictures,edit them(somewhat),uploaded them and think about what to write.I have a few more blogposts before the year ends so bear with me :)