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Saturday, January 25, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Love the tables
Back during Raya last year I was introduced to my boyfriend bestfriend's brother,Syafiq(same name as my own brother!) who just got back from New York where he studied culinary arts and worked at Jean Georges.I was worked at a 3-Michelin star restaurant???Started talking to Syafiq about food,food documentaries and many more.It was really exciting meeting someone who loves food/cooking so much.

Syafiq told us that he's planning to open a restaurant and I was excited!If you followed me on instagram you would have known that one night, months back, the boyfriend and I visited the site for Syafiq's restaurant with him in SS19.Back then it was just concrete and there was no construction.Now it has transformed and become a very chilled and relax looking environment.

I love the wooden tables and the greenery.The space is huge so there's a lot of exciting things that can happen there in months to come?!BUT it's not open to the public will be open for you guys early February.Please check their fb page and website for updates!

Love the latte
Pic courtesy of Qeema.
I've went there a few times already.For coffee/tea tasting--you'll love their cafe latte.I finish the whole thing in less than 5 minutes haha Syafiq clearly wants the best for his customers so he took the time to do taste/service tests with his friends and family to ensure that the place will run smoothly once it opens.
Glorious food!
Last week we had a food + service test run at Fiq's.I won't elaborate about the dishes because I don't want you guys to order based on what I loved from their menu.They make everything themselves there.They even bake their own breads and there's a selection of awesome milkshakes as well!The pictures above are some of the many dishes that we ordered.I have a few personal favorites but I'll talk about them once Fiq's Gastronomy officially opens.
That's syafiq,top left.
I want to wish the best of luck to Syafiq and his crew.Fiq's Gastronomy is clearly a labor of love by him and I'm sure bigger things will be heading his way!:)

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