Bali holiday:The Food(all halal)

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Of course it won't be a great holiday without great food as well.Some of the foods were really yummy and some were so-so.Generally the food that we ate weren't really cheap...Some were very reasonable and some were not worth the price paid.These are my personal opinions and so were the feedback I got from my other half.

Hopefully it'll help you guys who are going to Bali on a holiday soon and searching for halal food places to eat at.Thankfully,none of us got what they call the "Bali belly"(diarrhea etc) while we were there.

1)Breakfast at the villa every morning
First breakfast!
Cutie pie catching up on news
Every morning the staff of the villa will send breakfast to us.We get to decide the night before what we wanted and the time breakfast should be sent to us.Generally Nana chose toast and soft boiled eggs.But there's a few other items on the menu like noodles and such.I'm not a big breakfast person as well as in I don't eat much for breakfast..though there's the occasional nasi lemak or roti canai :P


2)Batur Sari Resto Kintamani

For our first lunch in Bali we ate at Batur Sari and I've to say that it's not worth the money spent.The food tasted different than the others we've tasted in Bali(throughout the trip) probably because the area that we went to was up in the mountains.Batur Sari is a buffet restaurant.Different meaning...not so delicious.It was just so-so.

A little bit of everything
Nothing is ala carte.If i'm not mistaken,per person cost us almost rm50 each.But it's a muslim restaurant and they've a surau there as well.The toilet is so clean and there's a cleaner that washes the toilet anytime anybody goes out.Also,there's a pot of daun pandan growing in the ladies toilet hahaha No need air freshener!haha 

The fried bananas was nice
If you want halal food that tastes ok and can splurge for a buffet with a beautiful view,then come here for your meal.The view was definitely beautiful.You can see Mount Batur Volcano while you eat.
Qarla choosing to only eat a banana haha
The beautiful view
With my love :)
3)Bebek Joni/I Made Joni restaurant
Initially we went to Bebek Tepi Sawah because Nana wanted to try bebek(duck/goose).But when we went there and look at the menu,they serve pork.So we got up and left and then went here instead.Bebek Joni/I Made Joni as it's called.

My love!
Sawah padi chic?haha
The place wasn't as beautiful as Bebek Tepi Sawah and they've harvested the rice so it wasn't full of greenery.But the bebek dish was delicious!The sambal was so yummy.My boyfriend loves duck dishes and he's very particular about it.We tried bebek in Malaysia from Dancing Fish and he hated it because it was too dry.Thankfully,at Bebek Joni,the dish was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.nomsss!
Eating by the paddy fields

Taken by Razin of course 

Crispy duck!
The disappointment comes in the form of the grilled bananas with cheese.I know that this dish is an Indonesian speciality and have seen it before.But the ones they served was bad because some of the bananas were not ripe and instead of grating cheese,they cut it into small pieces from those cheap american slice cheese that are used for sandwiches/burgers.
Disappointing dessert
So come here only for the bebek.The price was not cheap though but for a meal that delicious(the duck/bebek),it was worth it.

4)Madania Moslem Restaurant

Didn't get to take much pictures while we were having dinner there as I was already tired(we were out from 8.30am-9.30pm).The food was good,normal seafood dinner you can get in Malaysia and it was not expensive.
We had crabs,prawns,fish,squid and clams.Also a chicken dish because Razin's brother in law likes chicken.The dishes was tasty but most of us didn't like the steam fish dish though!

I drank a lot of soda gembira throughout the trip haha It's basically soda water+rose syrup+condensed milk.Really refreshing!The plain soda water balances the sweetness of the syrup+condensed milk.


5)Nasi Padang Sederhana
If you've tasted nasi padang/nasi campur in Malaysia before I suggest you don't eat it in Bali.One,because it's not cheap and two,it's nothing special..but it doesn't mean that the dishes weren't tasty!
Lots of dishes!
For rice and a few dishes,paying rm20-30 per person for it,is not worth it.Because to me and Razin,it was like having nasi campur in Malaysia.But I did love the fact that the sambal tempe hijau had petai(stink beans) in it!But the place is very clean and air conditioned(great for the crazy Bali heat!).

6)Mbok Limbok

This is my second fave place to eat in Bali next to Bale Udang.Because Razin and I arrived in Bali close to midnight,Nana & her husband ate her when they landed first,which was around 8pm.So this was actually their second time eating here during the trip.

When we get wifi!!haha
Mbok Limbok is a franchise in Bali but the food is so good!Especially someone like me who loves the simplicity of crispy fried fish,rice,raw vegetables and super spicy sambal.

So damn good!
The sambal at Mbok Limbok,is quite spicy but it wasn't as spicy as I wanted so I ordered the sambal terasi while I was there.It was super yumms!I was the only one on the table that could handle the heat haha My boyfriend ate it too but he was sweating after.I have a high tolerance for super spicy food because I basically eat spicy food every other day.

I miss the food--that's the sambal terasi.
The difference between Mbok Limbok with Ayam Penyet Ria in Malaysia(my fave along with the boyf--their spicy sambal beats Wong Solo etc.. though Waroeng Penyet is super yum too) is that even the batter that they used to fry their fishes/chicken/duck was flavorful.

Ikan keli and ikan gurame(ikan kaloi in malaysia)
Plus,they've unlimited rice and raw vegetables.Plus point for me because I always feel sad when we get such little cucumber and raw cabbage as I love eating them with my fish and rice.The prices were almost cheap but because we ordered one of everything..I think(haha),it didn't become that cheap.

If I go to Bali again,I'd definitely come back here.Just thinking about the food makes my tummy rumbles.In fact,since I came back to Malaysia from Bali(nearly 2 weeks ago),I haven't eaten any penyet type of dishes..haha

7)Bale Udang Mang Enking

This was my fave food place for the whole trip.After checking out from the villa,we didn't know where to eat for our last meal in Bali.So I suddenly out of nowhere remembered this place because when I book our spa appointment with Taman Air Spa(fabulous spa--5 star place&service!),I saw that they had a package with Bale Udang.

Glad that I remembered because we did pass the place a day before while we were out sightseeing but I couldn't remember where I've seen the place before(I've opened their website a month or so ago).

Qarla eyeing the food haha
One thing I've noticed that a lot of restaurants in Bali had pretty huts for the customers to sit and have their meal in.Bebek Tepi Sawah,Batur Sari,Madania Moslem and Bale Udang were some of them.

Such a beautiful restaurant!
I've to say though that Bale Udang is one of the prettiest(Bebek Tepi Sawah is gorgeous but because of the fact that they serve pork...) and we're eating near the fish pond(which you can feed by buying the food from the restaurant)which of course excites Qarla!
Cheeky Qarla and I!
Uncle and his niece :)

Pretty huts
Left:Es Kelapa Sirsak Jimbaran,Right:Es Kelapa Muda
At Bale Udang,the boyfriend asked me to order whatever drinks for him.So I ordered the Es Kelapa Sirsak Jimbaran--which is actually young coconut drink mix with soursop.Sad that I ordered the normal coconut drink for myself because Razin's one taste so good!I've never tasted that combination in Malaysia before.Also,they squeezed half a lime into my coconut drink which I've never done before.Refreshing!

Our huge spread.
The food was delicious,generous portion and just so worth the money.We ordered the Package Bale Papat which cost only IDR 398 000 (around rm110).For rm110 we got all the dishes below(and above pictures as well)
So good!
The prawns were huge!In Malaysia it'd cost atleast up to rm70 for a plate of such huge prawns.I loveee the Gurame Bakar Kecap--crispy grilled fish with sweet soy glaze on top.Should replicate this soon!The only thing we didn't eat was the Gepuk--vege salad with peanut dressing.We were too stuffed from everything else.As there were two prawn dishes,two huge fish,a plate of beef and stir fried bean sprouts.
The real deal!
The dessert was pisang goreng keju.It came with the set so although I want to order the pisang bakar keju,it was unnecessary.This was wayyyy better and so yummy than the one we ate at Bebek Joni.Crispy fried bananas with caramel sauce on top and grated salty cheese.So good!

I would love to come back here as well when I go back to Bali :)
8)Snacks there

When the boyfriend and I arrived in Bali,it was past midnight so we asked our driver to take us to the nearest convenience store for snacks--though there still was nasi padang restaurant that opened but we didn't want to eat rice at such late hour.So we bought snacks above-- Mee Sedap(instant noodles) in cup(which I've never seen in Malaysia) and also Fruit Tea!

The Mee Sedap was spicier than the Malaysian ones because there's sambal as well.It was tasty!I love Fruit Tea so that was a no brainer.
During the third night,after the spa session,the boyfriend wanted Mc Donalds and the spa driver(not our driver)was kind enough to wait for us buy our food haha.The food was the same as the ones here but the Mc Flurry was different.

There was the Blackforest Mc Flurry with berries topping and also Nescafe Mc Flurry with waffle crisps on top.Delicious!But their cups are smaller and different than us though the portion is the same.

So that's about it on what I ate while I was in Bali.There's a few more but I don't have pictures for them like carbonated tea and etc.I'll blog about places that I visited in the upcoming posts but that'll take awhile because I've to retrieve the pictures :)


I was disappointed too when finding out that Bebek Tepi Sawah sells pork in their Bali branches, as their Jakarta branch does not. And yes while the pisang bakar keju at Joni looks like it requires some efforts to set up, the absence of grated cheese is a real turn-off.

Next time in Bali you might want to have a look into an eatery we recently discovered in Tuban, Kuta area:

Hye Bayu!Nice blog you have there.Read that particular blogpost and the food looks good.Can't wait to go to Bali again next year.I went for my honeymoon with my husband in January this year.Your comment reminded me that I need to blog about the places we eat while we were there :)