Movie review:The Lego Movie,Gravity, About Time& Robot and Frank.

Thursday, February 20, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Two Saturdays ago I went to the cinema to watch The Lego Movie with the boyfriend.I loved it(more on that later).About Time was a movie from last year and the boyfriend just watched it last month haha.I just watch Gravity and Robot and Frank a few nights back and loved both.Below are my short reviews on all of them :)

1.The Lego Movie

How can I say it...this movie is just so adorable and hilarious!It's basically about Emmet,an ordinary construction worker who one day discovered that he is the 'Special' that will save the world from the 'Kragle' weapon that belongs to Lord Business by using the Piece of Resistance.

There's a lot of funny characters in the movie..Batman,Superman,Green Lantern,Wonder Woman,Vitruvius,Bad Cop/Good Cop and many more.The voices of the characters are played by famous actors as well from Chris Pratt to Channing Tatum,Morgan Freeman,Elizabeth Banks,Charlie Day,Will Ferrell,Will Arnett,Liam Neeson and many more.

There's a lot of hilarious scenes.A few that comes to my mind is regarding the overpriced coffees(Starbucks anyone?haha),how Green Lantern likes to follow Superman,anything that involves Batman,the Space Guy(not sure if his name is right or not) obsession with building a spaceship,a scene band-aid,nail polish remover and many more.It is a great watch and it'll put a smile on your face and makes you laugh.

The movie will also makes you miss playing with Lego's when you were little :)

This movie scored 4/5 for me!


This movie was a bit nerve wrecking and scary.Kudos to Sandra Bullock for a great performance.I truly believe she was an astronaut trying to survive in space.I was also amazed with the strength of her character because the things she had to endure while being in space was insanely scary and tough!

The movie is about astronauts who were in space for a research and somehow they got hit by a space shuttle destruction which of course ruins their mission and then they've to figure out how to return to earth.

When the boyfriend first asked me to watch it with him..he said the movie is about how you're falling from space and that,that will take 2 hours for us to watch.I was like..this will be boring.But I watched it anyway and was pleasantly surprise how riveting it was.

Imagine being in space in your nothing but your space suit..not inside a space ship mind you!And then having this huge debris from a ruined space ship,coming at you!That was crazy scary...

Now I understand about the rumors why Sandra Bullock was sad that she didn't win at the Golden Globes.She did a good job in this movie!

I give this movie 3/5.

3.About Time

Ahhhh..just remembering about this movie made me feel all warm and fuzzy.Yes this movie can be considered 'old' as it came out late last year.But the boyfriend and I just watched it last month.When the movie started I was a bit...weirded out because the hero just wasn't...handsome..hahaha I know..that's so shallow!But he actually grows on you as you watch the movie.

And is it weird that Rachel McAdams is in this movie because it involves time travelling(oops spoiler!)...Remember her in The Time Traveler's Wife?haha

This movie is about Tim who when he turned 21,founds out that the men in his family can travel back in when this was revealed..I was this a joke??hahaha You'll understand when you watch the start of the movie :P

Tim's family especially his sister are quite eccentric!I love the dynamic of his family..they're hilarious.Especially their longggg tea time.

The pivotal moment of the movie was when Tim moves out of his family's house to live in London to become a lawyer and there he met Mary.I love their love story..* sigh*.The movie also made me became obsessed for a little while with the song "How Long Will I Love You' by Ellie Goulding.

The movie taught me that you have to live your life day to day like it is your last day and appreciate the good and bad in it.The movie made me cry when it almost ended.It was a beautiful movie to me..a great movie about love,relationships and family.:)

I give this movie 3.5/5.

4.Robot and Frank

This is an independent movie though I won't be able to tell unless the boyfriend didn't told me at the start of the movie haha. 

The movie is about Frank,a guy who's experiencing dementia and used to be a jewel thief.His son bought a robot to take care of him(this movie is set in the near future) because he's tired of having to drive 5 hours just to spend time with his dad every week and having to clean a crazy dirt house everytime he drops by.

Initially Frank was so against the robot and detest it.But soon when he realize that the robot could help him restart his old thieving days,he became closer to it.

I managed to successfully guess who Jennifer really is,halfway through the movie which the boyfriend said she couldn't be..haha You just have to watch the movie to find out what I meant.The robot is so cute..especially in his black cape during his heist with Frank.

This movie is a bit different than the other movies that is out there and you can't believe that an old man like Frank can be so conniving.But he's not all bad actually!

There was quite a few laughter from watching this movie especially moments between Frank and the robot!

I give this movie 3/5!