Deconstructed cheesecake at Fiq's Gastronomy

Tuesday, March 04, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

After Razin's birthday lunch,I took Razin to our friend's place..Fiq's Gastronomy to have a little bit of dessert.Their new deconstructed cheesecake was delicious!There's a popping sensation to it(if you ate it,you know what I meant!)..haha..Order it and share the dish with someone as Syafiq said it's meant for sharing(it's quite huge).The dish is not like a normal cheesecake..

When you eat a slice of cheesecake,the first,second,third and etc bite will still taste like a cheesecake. Syafiq told us that he created the dish the way it is so that we get a different mouthful in every bite.

The dish is made up of cheesecake,cookie crumble,almond powder,butterscotch foam and strawberry coulis.So you can taste all components together or separately.It's meant to be fun but delicious at the same time!

I've since eaten this dessert..twice.Had it recently when I went there for dinner with the boyfriend and his clients(coincidentally, 4 of my friends .So good!The dish cost rm15 and it's meant for two people to share so it's very worth the money.Do drop by..but be reminded that they're always full on weekend nights so do make a reservation if you're coming with lots of people.:)