Nuffnang Premiere screening of Mr Peabody and Sherman

Saturday, March 22, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I saw the trailer of Mr Peabody and Sherman a few weeks back.It was so cuteeee!And I wanted to watch it.Thankfully I got the premiere tickets from Nuffnang!I of course brought my numero uno,Razin,to come with me.How was the movie?It was adorable!

I love it!Of course I can't help but picturing Ty Burrell's(from Modern Family) face whenever Mr Peabody speaks.hahaha Sherman is so cuteee!I hate Penny.What a bully!

I think some of you would remember the cartoon ages ago when it was shown on television.Basically Mr Peabody is not just any dog.He's a genius who has done and create so many things--twerking??hahaha

Mr Peabody created this machine called the WABAC.The WABAC enables you to travel through time..and Mr Peabody brings Sherman back to witness historical events so that he can learn better through it.This makes Sherman's knowledge way advance than his peers--hence being bullied by Penny.

Sherman is adopted by Mr Peabody(of course since he's a dog!) and because of Sherman's incident at school with Penny,he might be taken away from Mr Peabody!This is when the movie starts to get a little exciting and hilarious.

The movie was really cute and enjoyable but the only thing that my boyfriend had a problem with was that there was too many puns..courtesy of Mr Peabody.haha The best thing about the movie is of course the father and son relationship between Mr Peabody and Sherman.And also the love/hate relationship between Sherman and Penny.:)

For a light watch,I would recommend this!