Our 3rd anniversary,Valentine's day and his 29th birthday.

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January-February are months filled with lovely occasions!Our anniversary,v'day(which we shouldn't celebrate excessively..just a simple token of appreciation will do) and also his birthday!Thus there was a lot of gifts,food and love involved..awwww haha

Three years anniversary might be nothing to some people but to me it's a big thing..I never thought that I'd find someone that I'd be completely in love with and I still love him so much every single day.He's been an amazing addition to my life..and like he said...I'm the best thing that has happened to him :) The anniversary fell on the 27th of January..it was the day that he told me he loved me and asked me to be his girlfriend..the old fashioned way which is rare in guys nowadays.

So pretty!!My fave handbag/purse ever in my fave colors.

In my previous post I mentioned that I treated him to a spa treatment in Bali for our 3rd anniversary.He bought me a handbag and purse once we came back to Malaysia.Because he said there was nothing worth buying for me in Bali...hahah Men!Don't they know that women can shop anywhere?
Anyway,he also got us Royce chocolates and it was super yumm!Who knew potato chips and chocolate would go together?But then again Mc Donald's hot french fries with their chocolate sundae goes so well together!

V'day desserts
On Valentine's day I surprised him with a gift(not in picture) and some homemade desserts after work.He in turn booked us a table at Rakuzen for dinner.He said he had to call every Rakuzen in Malaysia(all were fully booked) until he got a table at Plaza Damas.

BUT when we arrived there,they made a mistake on our reservation..(they couldn't find it) others as well that quite a few couples had to wait for a table(we waited for 20 mins) although everyone told them they've made a reservation.

Amaze by what he ordered haha
I still wonder who's the bugger who took down the reservation for us and the other 3-4 couples.I was a bit pissed because it was 9pm and I was hungry..but all is well when we got our delicious food.

Chubsters hahaha

Also the staff was so kind to go from table to table to take pictures of couples using their polaroid camera and giving it to each of us.It was a beautiful memory :)

I've been to Rakuzen before but Razin and I would always order the strawberry ice for dessert.That night we ordered the vanilla ice cream wafer and it was so good!So the next day,Razin brought me to Shojikiya and bought all the vanilla ice cream wafer there.hehe.Well,there was only 4 left when we came:(

Ice cream!
For his 29th birthday (which fell on 23rd of February)I've been preparing for it weeks before!I bought the gifts,designed the cards and also had a note with each presents..I bought him..5 different presents(not pictured..:P).booked a super hush hush birthday lunch and also planned a birthday dinner with his family.The pressure was on because my boyfriend is so good at surprising me for my birthday year after year(4 birthdays in total now).I wanted to live up to what he did for my birthday last year..haha
Opening 2 of my presents after the dinner :)

So I gave him the 5 presents in spurts during the whole day.One gift before he got ready for our lunch date.One gift when he entered my car(I became the driver the whole day..haha He drives all the time whenever we go out).Another after our lunch.And the two others was during his birthday dinner :) Being so busy bringing him to places and planning the whole thing that I forgot to take a picture of the gifts all wrapped up nicely.
Sneak peek of Yay Sammich
We went to Yay Sammich(will blog about this soon) for lunch--which was so delicious and then Fiq's Gastronomy for dessert.Had the new deconstructed cheesecake there(will upload my blogpost about it tomorrow) and also coffee and the pb&snickers milkshake(so gooood!)
Pb&snickers milkshake
After that we went home and Razin rested for awhile and took a nap(he got migraine the night before and couldn't sleep well..poor baby) while I prepared for his birthday dinner with his mum and sister.
Huge prawns!

His mum bought a lot of this super huge prawn which is called udang galah here(I've no idea what is the name in English and I even googled it just now).One prawn was the size of both of my palms put together!

The birthday boy waiting for his feast!
I made potato gratin with a block of mozzarella and cream in it,honey mustard sauce(his fave!And it was the first time I tried the recipe and it works..even his dad loves the sauce :P),basil and lemon cream sauce(made by his sister qeema)we had caesar salad,aglio olio pasta(made by me),smoked duck(I bought from Homst) and cheesy garlic bread(using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen).I also bought a huge bottle of sparkling white grape drink from Jaya Grocer.The bottle was beautiful!

Birthday cake time!
I baked his birthday cake..of course!I've only bought his birthday cake once..it was an ice cream cake form Haagen Dazs because he wanted ice cream cake that one time and I didn't want to make it on my own and then having it melted while I drive with it.

My creation!
Last year I made a tiramisu for his birthday..it was my first attempt and it was a success.This year I decided to bake a snickers cheesecake.Snickers is one of his favorite candy bar.It was my first time trying out the recipe and I was glad that it turned out great!

He got a lot of cool gifts..aside from mine of course haha His eldest sister gave him an engraved pen and his parents gave him the pc monitor that he had always wanted..it's super cool!Because it can be adjusted to go up and down  and it can also be flipped vertically!Now he have two monitors that can be used for his work and easier for him to do a lot of designing.
His cool pc monitor!

I'm glad that Razin had a really great celebration.There's nothing more that I want than for him to feel all loved and happy on his birthday.:) To more and more birthdays together!! I wonder what I should do for next year?haha