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Taken from the internet
Currently,my beloved country,Malaysia has been hit with such a devastating piece of news..flight MH370 which departed from KLIA at 12.41 am was supposed to arrive in Beijing last Saturday at 6.30 am has been missing until today.No words or news yet of the whereabouts of the flight..but we've been getting help from so many countries for the search and rescue.

Indonesia,Singapore,Vietnam,Philippines,US,China,Australia,Korea,Japan..the support has been so heartwarming..knowing that all of them are working together to help us find the whereabouts of the flight.I hope that we'll hear some good news or any news about them soon.But know that everybody is doing their best for the SAR.Stop pointing fingers as this is a rare occurrence.Out of 3 million flights,there's only 2 fatal accidents so far.

People get into car accidents everyday.So don't go and blame anybody.Flying a plane is totally different than driving a car.Don't blame the pilot,the government or what not.People play the blame game so easily when we don't even know what truly happened.It's better to keep a positive outlook on it and hope for the best as we're getting all the help that we need.It's okay to speculate in your head but don't go about sharing it on the internet.

I was dumbfounded how on Saturday morning,I could see all over the internet from Facebook(on MAS status comments) to tweets on Twitter to Instagram comments we have people saying that the flight has landed safely in Nanning,China..some even use religious words saying that they're glad the flight has arrive and etc which shocked me to the core because this people believe whatever other people are saying without knowing whether it's true or not.

They pass it on from one person to another like it's nothing and said that so and so shared it.This is not a piece of gossip!This is a serious situation..I didn't dare to share anything unless it was from the authorities during the press conference.Why some people have this mentality of wanting to be the first in sharing news puzzles me.It's about people's lives..they've family members who can actually see what you're sharing on the net..please be considerate of other people's feelings.

It made me realize that there's quite a few Malaysians out there who would believe in anything.No wonder they always think that whatever the government is doing is negative..has a double meaning and so forth with their thousands conspiracy theories.It's like..nothing they ever do is right..everything is wrong.It's so sad that some people have that kind of mindset.I always think that everybody makes mistakes.Regardless whether you're from the government or the opposition.But there must be something good in everybody!Nobody is 100% bad.

And what is up with people who keep saying on the net why there's still no news on MH370..why our government haven't found anything yet?Don't they know that the ocean is vast?The world is not as big as just where you live.Finding a flight that has gone missing doesn't take a few hours..sometimes it takes days and weeks.Case in point,what happened to Air France 447..the blackbox was only found 2 years after the incident.Bodies were found 5 days after the flight went missing.

It's scary to think about the outcome of MH370 but let's all keep a positive mind on things.We should come together about this and pray for the best.