The movie I've been waiting for...VERONICA MARS!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm a hugeeeee fan of Veronica Mars.Back when it was aired in the States,I was in my final year of highschool (I'm 27 now!) and back then downloading it would have been difficult because torrent wasn't as good as it is now.And also,buying the series would have been hard because the dvd's weren't sold here.

So I only got to watch the series last year because I suddenly remembered about it.That took a long time!But I watched 3 seasons back to back and I was hook!You'd remember my blogpost HERE about the series.
Available for purchase on iTunes US account(not Malaysia!)
How was the movie??I LOVE IT!If you're a fan of Veronica Mars series you'd love it.100%..okay maybe 90%?haha There was one flaw that I'd like to point come it took Piz 9 years into their relationship to bring his parents to see Veronica??That's just weird!My boyfriend brought me to see his parents on our...third date?haha.But I guess that plot just had to happen because it lead to....hahaha Won't spoil it for you!

If you haven't watched Veronica Mars before,you'd love it too!Almost all the regular cast was in it except for Duncan Kane character and also Carrie Bishop(Bonnie) who was supposed to be played by Leighton Meester(yup she was in the series yearsss ago!) but replaced by another did she end up with Logan??ewww :P

I love that Max Greenfield(New Girl) is in it as well and how he's so different looking than he was in Veronica Mars years ago!haha He's definitely much more buff now.Also...ahhhh Logan Echolls(played by Jason Dohrig)..I love his character in Veronica Mars and always thought that they belong together now matter how messed up his life was(not him but his parents etc).So..did they end up together in this movie???Maybeeeee??hahaha He's just so swoon worthy..he should be in more movies!

There was a lot of cameos in the movie.There was Justin Long,Dax Shepard(Kirsten Bell's husband!)--her look of puking when he dance towards her was awesomeeee hahah ,James Franco(which was hilarious!!) and many more.

I just truly love this movie and the entire cast.It's a solid cast and what could have been a really great tv series if it wasn't cancelled after 3 seasons(reasons being was when UPN channel became CW and get the drift!).I guess because there wasn't girls in scantily clad clothing or lotsa sex in it..the ratings weren't so good towards the end?

But Veronica Mars have a strong fan base.That was how they managed to do this movie by going on Kickstarter and raising 5.6 million to film it!

I would give this movie 5/5..I might be biased though because I'm such a fan!:P