Yay ,Sammich! for Razin's birthday lunch

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I managed to contact Bassira from Yay Sammich!,2 weeks before his birthday to secure a spot for lunch.She was very nice and it was so easy communicating with her.I've never tasted her food before but I followed her on instagram and I know in my heart that it will taste delicious because the love and dedication that she puts to it(follow Yay Sammich on instagram and you'll know what I meant!).
The menu!

It was so funny because I was searching for Yay Sammich while driving and when we parked in front of Bassira's place,Razin was like..where are we?Because it was inside her house so he was a bit weirded out by it haha.It was awesome!He kept asking where we are going but I would not say anything else other than that we were having lunch in Bangsar :)
Drinks station
When we entered Yay Sammich,we were greeted by Bassira herself.The place was very cosy.There were tables and chairs and a drinks section which had a pretty container of pink lemonade and selection of teas.
The desserts&novelty snacks section
There was also a dessert station but Razin and I didn't take any.He didn't know that I was taking him somewhere for dessert(previous post on Fiq's cheesecake)!Razin was surprised to see Hiro snacks was there because he said he remembered them when he was little.I remembered the Apollo snacks more(which were sold there as well!).
Bassira's cat!
Bassira asked us before we came in if we're okay with cats and we were like..It's not a problem.The cats were so cute!Especially the one above which had a very special name but I can't remember what it was now.But it sounded very Mexican I thing.
His What The Duck sandwich

The food was so good!The boyfriend loves duck and he had the duck sandwich while I ordered their famous brisket sandwich.Razin's sandwich which he gave me to taste was so yummy.The combo of crispy&moist duck with hoisin sauce and fried wantons was soooo good! I definitely want to order that when we come back!
My Tender Me Brisket sandwich
My brisket was so tender and soft and flavorful!There was jalapenos,homemade pickled onions..yummm.

The sandwiches came with a side salad that was lightly dressed in balsamic dressing(I think) and potato crisps that were made by Bassira herself.These sandwiches aren't like your normal sandwiches.They're a full fledged meal!It's definitely worth the money!

Yummy lemonade!
The pink lemonade there was refreshing and there was free refills!We also bought Mary's Little Lamb for Razin's sister Qeema and she loved it.I had a bite at home and it was really good.I'm hoping to go to Yay Sammich once a month to get a duck sandwich.:P

I will definitely come again and try the desserts as well.If you read the latest issue of TimeOut KL,Bassira and her homemade cakes were featured on it!To book a reservation,contact Bassira via her Facebook page :)


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Hey Liyana,

Thank you so much for the great pictures and cute write up! So glad that you guys enjoyed the food and I'm so looking forward to you guys hanging out with us some more in the future. We'll be having a booth in BSC next weekend, drop by if you're free and hungry, hmmkay? yay!


Basira Y.

p/s Gustavo the cat says 'Hi!'.

hahaha Youre' just so sweet lah Basira!Yeayyy you'll be joining the artisan market is it??We'll try to drop by.If not we can always come for lunch during the weekend.I miss your duck sandwich!:P Hye Gustavo the cuteeee cat.