Tea time at TWG

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So many teas!
Two Saturday's ago...Razin and I went to TWG(which stands for The Wellness Group) Tea at Sunway Pyramid for some tea and desserts.I've been meaning to go to TWG for so long but never got to since their previous outlets was quite far from Shah Alam.Plus my boyfriend is pretty much a homebody and he doesn't like going to places that is too far.haha

Having a tough time deciding what tea to choose!
When we arrived there it was less than 5 minutes to 6pm.When I asked the front of the house guy if the high tea set is still available..he said no :( I was sad because that's what I really wanted.He asked me to take a look at the menu..we did but then I asked again if we really can't order the high tea set?Suddenly,a guy came out and he said they can make one last high tea set!!I guess he's the manager :) I was really happy!
Shiny teapot--it's rm1499(they sell it!).

Such lovely teas

Smelling the tea leaves
There were so many teas available at TWG.It was pages and pages long.We had the Tea Time Fortune set.I chose the Croque Imperial sandwich(Warm toasted sandwich with Gruyère cheese and smoked salmon)and scones(came with whipped cream and tea jelly).It also came with three choices of macarons.I choose the Bain De Roses tea,Earl Grey Fortune& chocolate and Camelot tea&Praline.

First we chose the Midnight Hour tea with our tea time set after getting the recommendation from our server Shann who was very knowledgeable on teas and so very helpful.I googled the description of the tea and I got this "a magical infusion of decaffeinated black tea delicately blended with fragrant tropical fruits".No wonder the name is Midnight Hour!:P
The croque imperial which was so goooddd!

The tea time set comes with a pot of tea and that amounts to about two cups of tea.So we ordered another teapot after we finish eating our sandwiches and scones.The sandwich was yummy and very more-ish.The scones were fluffy and I loved how they served it with tea jelly instead of the normal strawberry jam.
Fluffy scones(served with cream and tea jelly)

The macarons were one of the best I've tasted and I've tasted quite a few macarons!My favorite were the Bain De Roses macaron.It was so good!
Such yummy macarons

For the second pot of tea, the server suggested red teas and gave us three teas to smell and choose from.I don't remember what the other two was..but the boyfriend choose Red Christmas for us to drink.According to TWG,the Red Christmas tea is.."For those cosy holiday evenings, this TWG Tea theine-free red rooibos is a festival of flavours and spices, to reminisce and celebrate all year long."

Our server Shann was very accommodating that he even put the two teas in their canister and arrange the teapot next to it so that I could take the picture below.hahaha He was very nice!

The tea that we selected from the
recommendation of our server

It's suffice to say that TWG is THE place for tea lovers like me.You'll be spoiled by the choices of teas that's available.I would definitely come back again to TWG for another tea time treat!Excellent food,teas and service.:)


Markets at Jaya One

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Me with my help for the day--Qeema!(pic courtesy of Tammy!)
As you all know,I have a side baking business(I have a normal 9-5.30 job!).Initially I would only take orders from family and friends/lecturers back in UiTM days(4 years ago)..mostly chocolate chip cookies for Raya.After awhile I started to open orders for the public and the response was very positive.Jezmine from Old Blossom Box Store was one of the first people who publicly shared that she loved my desserts and she invited me to join her preloved party as a dessert vendor and I've done so..twice(sometimes it clashes with my work so I couldn't join).

I've sold my desserts to customers and also at flea markets/garage sale(one organized by my cousin&the other by my boyfriend's sister).But recently I joined Markets..which is one of the biggest bazaars in Klang Valley.I've been to Markets before back when it was held inside white tents!I was excited to join because it was my first time joining something that big.

Unfortunately there was quite a number of issues that arise with the management..it didn't just happen to me but also to a lot of the other vendors.The issues has been resolved though...and the company who held Markets was very professional in handling the aftermath.I applaud them for that.Wish that it could have been avoided altogether.But on to better things,I'll be joining the next Markets and hopefully my experience then will be far better.
My vanilla bean bundt cake

I've to say that I'm a novice when it comes to selling desserts at bazaar and I learned a lot from Markets.
Meringue kisses,mini pavlovas&caramel slice
My pretty friend Aimi!
I had a lot of super awesome people who helped me before Markets took place from my mum,my boyfriend and his siblings.On the day itself,Qeema(the boyfriend's sister) helped me manned our table.The boyfriend came to Jaya One THREE TIMES(Poor thing..just reminded me again how amazing he is) the whole day because he had to bring some stuffs over and then later pick us up.
One of my best seller:cheesecake brownies(right)

Key lime pies and choc tarts
I want to thank my friends who came like Aimi,Tammy,Zurin and Shasha.And of course my parents who came all the way from our house(my house is almost an hour away from Jaya One mind you!).I remembered some of my customers who were so excited about my desserts(I sold chicken mushroom pies as well!)..like this Chinese uncle who bought so many of my coconut cupakes because he loves them and he said it's hard to find.I used hawaiian coconut flakes on top of the cupcakes (not desiccated!) which was sweet and had a bit of a crunch.

It was great meeting familiar faces like Basira from Yay Sammich!I blogged about eating at her place and how awesome her sandwiches were before.:)

My crazy hair after being put in a bun..and Qeema..haha
Here are the list of things that I baked and sold on the day:

Cheesecake brownies
Caramel slice
Coconut meringue cupcakes
Vanilla bean bundt cake
Plum pies
Key lime pies
Chicken mushroom pies
Chocolate tarts
Meringue kisses
Mini pavlovas
Iced peach tea
Island paradise drink( a secret refreshing drink that we concocted!)

So my dear readers,do come to the next Markets as I will hopefully be there again.:)

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Of food and people part 3:Frontera and D'italiane

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Here's the last instalment of food and people..for now :P


I've been meaning to try Frontera's fish tacos for months but never had the chance to go there or I'd forget about it.So last weekend,after I finish selling my desserts at Markets(will blog about that soon!),I went to Frontera to treat Qeema(the boyfriend's sister)and the boyfriend dinner because they helped me a lot the whole day.
Yummy food!
The fish tacos was so good!I will definitely come back for it again.And also the flan.I had the beef tacos as well.I shared the fish and beef tacos with the boyfriend.My tip is to order soft shell taco for the fish tacos and crispy taco for the beef tacos.
Mmmm fish taco!
The only gripe that I had with Frontera was the jalapeno poppers--the batter was just too..hard?Also the bad service.It took us a good 15 minutes or more to get the bill..it was so hard getting the waiters attention.Qeema was pissed off because we were waving to them so many times.*sigh*Hope when I come next time the service would be better.
This one was so-so
Last but certainly not least,is dinner at D'Italiane in Sunway Giza.I loveeee the food!Razin treated me dinner there 2 weeks ago and we were blown away by the huge portion.Because we didn't expect it!We couldn't finish 3 of the dishes and had to packed them.Sorry for the bad photos.:P

We ordered three appetizers and two main dishes.We didn't expect the appetizers to be so huge.
Mushroom appetizer

Mozzarella appetizer(I forgot the name!)

The Caesar salad--It looked pretty
before we ate it&I took the pic halfway through.

My super yummy spinach ricotta ravioli

The boyfriend's lambshank
I love everything we ate there.Will definitely come back soon and the prices of the dishes aren't that expensive.I think for everything the boyfriend paid around rm140?Which is a great deal since there were five dishes!We were stuffed from our appetizers(hahaha) that we could barely eat our mains so we had to ask the waiter to pack them up.Next time we would definitely just order one appetizer and share it.
The yummy tiramisu something drink haha
I asked the boyfriend to choose what hot drink should we share and he chose the one above.Glad that we choose to share the drink as well because there was a lot of it.I love the romantic ambiance of D'Italiane though the lighting makes some bad looking pictures..especially if you only carry an iphone around haha.


Of food and people part 2:Ichiban Boshi,Homst and Sushi Zanmai

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Continuation with my previous post on food places that I've been to recently and some,frequently :)

1.Ichiban Boshi

I love Japanese food and I've to admit that I eat at Ichiban Boshi once or twice in a week.Sometimes more than that!hahah I'm such a regular at their Setia City Mall outlet that I even know their secret menu privileges..mueheheh

Salmon sashimi!

Salad,agedashi tofu & sushi
My favorite dishes from Ichiban Boshi are their California roll--the only sushi place I've been in Malaysia which has avocado in it&it makes a huge delicious difference!,the salmon skin teriyaki--huge portion for only rm6.90,salmon kawa roll,golden flake roll and their business gozen.Oooh,also their beef teriyaki and not forgetting their agedashi tofu!
Salmon sashimi,various temaki,salmon skin teriyaki(they're hugeee!) and salmon kawa roll
I guess I love the fact that the food is always good and fresh.The sushi are substantial in size.I haven't eaten at Sushi King in months because nowadays I prefer Ichiban Boshi since the prices doesn't differ that much.Ichiban Boshi also have this great reward cards system and you get quite a lot of free dishes and you can get rm15-30 off on your total bill from it.
Set dish that I can't remember the name
I love how the staffs at Ichiban Boshi Setia City Mall are always courteous,welcoming and gives great service.

My fave California roll

Dinner with the boyf's sisters and niece
For a few weeks now..or is it a month or so..the boyfriend have been trying to order the tiger prawn mentaiko something dish(sorry I can't remember the name of it!haha) at the Setia City Mall outlet and it's always not available!But last weekend we went to the Sunway Giza outlet and it was available!So he was a happy guy :P Picture of the dish is below.
Ichiban Boshi at Sunway Giza


Homst is one of my favorite place to eat in Shah Alam for years .The food is always good!I've eaten there with my family,the boyfriend's family,the boyfriend,my friends,my colleagues and even my bosses.Everybody loves it!
Lunch with the boyfriend
Nobody that I've known have said that the dishes there isn't delicious.I do takeaways from them a lot too and I've their number in my iphone haha.I always call them 30 minutes before I pick up my food.They're very efficient!

Lunch with the colleagues
Some of my favorite dishes from Homst's are their butter prawns,sweet&sour fish fillets,baby kailan,fried kuey tiow beef,yam basket and salted egg yolk soft shell crab.Usually when I go there with the boyfriend we would order the first three dishes with rice.It's my favorite combination of dishes.But for lunch with the colleagues I usually order the fried kuey tiow beef.It's really yummy!
Dinner with the bosses&colleagues after our meeting
Homst's website:

3.Sushi Zanmai
Sushi Zanmai has great sushi but I just dislike the fact that I've to queue in order to eat haha.When you're hungry,you want to be able to order your food quickly.Also the nearest Sushi Zanmai from Shah Alam is in Sunway Pyramid.Hence why I prefer Ichiban Boshi in Setia City Mall--neared & parking is easier.

But last week I went there because before that I was buying birthday gifts for my mum's birthday with Qeema.Then Razin came to meet us up and he wanted to have dinner.The food was good as always.I had my fave salmon cranky roll.The boyfriend ordered lobster which was of course yummy.
Ice creaam!
The only thing that Sushi Zanmai has but Ichiban Boshi doesn't is yummy ice cream.Ichiban Boshi's dessert menu is pretty limited(we had the tempura ice cream& it wasn't good).We shared a scoop of corn,melon and black sesame ice cream.So goooood!

Part 3 will be posted tomorrow :)


Of food and people part 1 :Fiqs Gastronomy and Berts.

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Warning,pictures here will make you go hungry.Also there's heck loads of pictures in this post and the other two ones that will be up tomorrow&Monday.These pictures were taken from the month of February till now.I thought it'd be great to put them into three separate entires staring from this one today!:)

Clearly I love to eat!And also,I wasn't endorsed by any of the eateries listed in the post.These are my honest opinions and I used my own money(okay,most of it were Razin's money haha) to eat at the places.

1.Fiq's Gastronomy
It's not secret that Fiq's is own by my friend Syafiq--who's the chef as well.But I can definitely say with confidence that his place is the real deal.From the feedback that I got from friends who've dine there,the food not only looks good but it tastes good as well.

I've dined at Fiq's a few times and mind you,I get no special privileges..I gladly pay for good food from my own pocket(or my boyfriend's when we're out on a date hahaha).No such thing as you guys saying..oh it's your friend's restaurant so you must eat there for free.haha Some of my fave from Fiq's are their gnocchi,the mac&cheese(I actually don't even like mac&cheese but theirs is just so good!),the cheesecake and many more!I thing I've eaten almost everything on the menu.haha
Lots of familiar faces at Fiq's & the shortribs!
One night when I was having dinner with the boyfriend & his friends,some of my friends were there as well..though from different circles haha.Raf & Farass are my former UiTM debating friends(top pic left).Fifi&Nad are my TESL friends(top right).Clearly Fiq's is the place to be right now!
My fave gnocchi on the left
They'll be coming up with some new things on the menu soon which I can't wait to try!
With the boyf & his sisters..he looked orange cos of lighting haha
Qarla enjoyin her seabass


Sea bass


Baked alaska

Recently,Fiq's was mentioned in Time Out KL's April issue!Here's the LINK.

For more info on Fiq's,checkout their website below for location/direction/menu and so forth.

2.Bert's Cafe

I've met Sarah,the owner of Bert's,a couple of times through a mutual friend.Back in February I went to her new cafe right here in Shah Alam.I love how the menu is made up of dishes that is homey and what she ate growing up in her household..with some western influences as well.I went there with my boyfriend,his sister and his brother's girlfriend.
The place is quaint&cozy
I had the Moi(porridge in Malaysian Northern dialect).Moi is the word that my late grandma on my mum's side who's a Kedahan would call bubur.She would make me Moi back when I was little everytime I had my teeth pulled out..haha.Bert's one was yummy with a lot of condiments though I think if they put it on the side(in small plates) it would be better so I can choose accordingly.
The pretty mason jars lights!

I love that they serve Gryphon teas!The boyfriend ordered it for himself and when it arrived I was surprised that it was Gryphon.
The coffee is good!But my drink is the right one..pretty&refreshing.

Love the fancy tea!

Yummy honey mustard dip

Sago gula melaka
Bert's FB page for direction/promotions and more:
The second part of food and people will be up tomorrow.I can assure you that there's people that ate with me but I always take picture of the foods than them ahaha