Markets at Jaya One

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Me with my help for the day--Qeema!(pic courtesy of Tammy!)
As you all know,I have a side baking business(I have a normal 9-5.30 job!).Initially I would only take orders from family and friends/lecturers back in UiTM days(4 years ago)..mostly chocolate chip cookies for Raya.After awhile I started to open orders for the public and the response was very positive.Jezmine from Old Blossom Box Store was one of the first people who publicly shared that she loved my desserts and she invited me to join her preloved party as a dessert vendor and I've done so..twice(sometimes it clashes with my work so I couldn't join).

I've sold my desserts to customers and also at flea markets/garage sale(one organized by my cousin&the other by my boyfriend's sister).But recently I joined Markets..which is one of the biggest bazaars in Klang Valley.I've been to Markets before back when it was held inside white tents!I was excited to join because it was my first time joining something that big.

Unfortunately there was quite a number of issues that arise with the didn't just happen to me but also to a lot of the other vendors.The issues has been resolved though...and the company who held Markets was very professional in handling the aftermath.I applaud them for that.Wish that it could have been avoided altogether.But on to better things,I'll be joining the next Markets and hopefully my experience then will be far better.
My vanilla bean bundt cake

I've to say that I'm a novice when it comes to selling desserts at bazaar and I learned a lot from Markets.
Meringue kisses,mini pavlovas&caramel slice
My pretty friend Aimi!
I had a lot of super awesome people who helped me before Markets took place from my mum,my boyfriend and his siblings.On the day itself,Qeema(the boyfriend's sister) helped me manned our table.The boyfriend came to Jaya One THREE TIMES(Poor thing..just reminded me again how amazing he is) the whole day because he had to bring some stuffs over and then later pick us up.
One of my best seller:cheesecake brownies(right)

Key lime pies and choc tarts
I want to thank my friends who came like Aimi,Tammy,Zurin and Shasha.And of course my parents who came all the way from our house(my house is almost an hour away from Jaya One mind you!).I remembered some of my customers who were so excited about my desserts(I sold chicken mushroom pies as well!) this Chinese uncle who bought so many of my coconut cupakes because he loves them and he said it's hard to find.I used hawaiian coconut flakes on top of the cupcakes (not desiccated!) which was sweet and had a bit of a crunch.

It was great meeting familiar faces like Basira from Yay Sammich!I blogged about eating at her place and how awesome her sandwiches were before.:)

My crazy hair after being put in a bun..and Qeema..haha
Here are the list of things that I baked and sold on the day:

Cheesecake brownies
Caramel slice
Coconut meringue cupcakes
Vanilla bean bundt cake
Plum pies
Key lime pies
Chicken mushroom pies
Chocolate tarts
Meringue kisses
Mini pavlovas
Iced peach tea
Island paradise drink( a secret refreshing drink that we concocted!)

So my dear readers,do come to the next Markets as I will hopefully be there again.:)

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