Movie review:American Hustle,12 years a slave,Abduction of Eden and Divergent.

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The Golden Globes and the Academy Awards ended a few weeks back .Previously I blogged about Gravity which was nominated for quite a number of awards..So I thought I should continue blogging about the other nominated movies that I've watched.

American Hustle and 12 years a slave has won various awards respectively from Golden Globes,BAFTA's to the recent Academy Awards(Oscar).

I watched both movies weeks before and below are my recaps on them.Also,I watched two other movies that wasn't Oscar worthy but doesn't mean that they weren't enjoyable! 

1.American Hustle

I love this movie.When I watched it I was in awe with the transformation of Christian Bale into Irving Rosenfeld.He looks so different and might I add..a little bit gross haha.Jennifer Lawrence is flawless as always.

American Hustle is about con artists Irving and Sydney(played by Amy Adams and she's so sexy in this movie..didn't know she had it in her!haha) who scams people via "loans".One day they were caught by FBI agent Richie (played by Bradley Cooper..who has a ridiculous head of hair..there's a scene of him with tiny curlers in his hair!) and in turn of being release,they've to help him with four arrests.

I felt really sorry for the character Carmine(played by Jeremy Renner) who was in fact a really nice guy/politician.I really like his character and was sad about what had to happen to him.

When you watch the's like being transported to a different era.Because it was set in the late 1970's and early 1980's.The costumes,the songs,the bad hair(the men,not the women).

It was an enjoyable movie.Also comedian Louis CK is in it!Which was awesome.My favorite scene probably was anything that had Jennifer Lawrence in it..her character was a hot mess in this movie.A bit wacko!It's a must watch movie for sure.

I give this movie..4 out of 5!

2. 12 years a slave

This was the movie that won the biggest award of the night at the Oscars.After watching the movie I get why it deserve Best Picture.

The movie is gripping,it'll make you emotional,there's uncomfortable and brutal scenes as well.It's based on a true story about Solomon Northup(played by Chiwetel Ejiofor),a freeman who was one day captured and kidnapped for slavery.

Some scenes were so painful to watch.I was surprised when Astro First are showing it though I don't know how much of the movie they had to cut.I watched the uncut version and there were a lot of nudity and violence going on.The beating scenes was brutal..especially during a pivotal scene involving Lupita's character--Patsey
Epps,Patsey and Solomon in a pivotal scene

Pastsey didn't have much to say in the movie and yet Lupita Nyongo won Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars.I guess it was because eventhough her scenes was short,it was very powerful and plus,it was her first movie..ever!

I can't imagine what the actual real people back then had to endure.It was just inhumane!We still have slavery going on in the world(read my review on another movie with a similar theme below) and it is heartbreaking.

There is a silver lining in this movie but just as the title suggested..Solomon was a slave for 12 freakin years and was separated from his family.Imagine being his wife and wondering what happened to her husband in 12 years.If you look up about Solomon's life..there's a mystery on how he died(wasn't shown in the movie).I wonder what happened to him.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 as well.

3.Abduction of Eden

I found out about this movie from the internet after I read the article about Chong Kim who was abducted and sold to a human trafficking ring.It is shocking and scary because it happened back in the 90's in good old America.Chong Kim's real story is much more brutal than the movie.I guess they had to filter a lot of things and plus this is an independent movie.

I thought that Jamie Chung was really good in this movie.I don't know which part of the movie is true or not but she was very courageous in the movie.Working up the ladder of the trafficking ring and then taking them down so that she can escape.It is sad to see all those girls being taken away from their families and having to sell their bodies and living in such a sad condition.

What was shocking was that the owner of the drug and human trafficking ring in the movie,was a cop himself!There was some heart pounding moment in the movie when Eden tries to escape.The movie is a great eye opener.The world isn't a safe place!

I give this movie 3 out of 5.


I really wanted to see this movie because I thought the trailer looked interesting.So how was it?It was okay.Theo James was really hot.haha

I watched the movie with my boyfriend at the cinema and he didn't like it.He thought it felt more into the Twilight category and he preferred The Hunger Games(the second movie,not the first) better.So maybe for the sequel of Divergent(which is Insurgent)will become much better than the first one.

Interesting fact:Lenny Kravitz acted in The Hunger Games while his daughter Zoe Kravitz is in Divergent!

The movie is basically about Chicago in the future and how the people living in it is divided into five factions.Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (truthful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave).They are divided based on their personalities.

This is when my boyfriend have a problem with the storyline..a person has so many different personalities and traits.We don't have one single thing the define us.You've to admit that,that part is a little bit hard to take.

Anway,Beatrice Prior(played by Shailene Woodley) is in Abnegation with her parents and older brother Caleb.When they come of age of some sort,the teens have to take an aptitude test to determine which faction they belong to.But eventhough if they a result that said they belong to Abnegation,they can actually choose which faction they want to join..which I was like..mmmkay.

So Beatrice actually have combined attributes of a few faction which meant that she is a Divergent.. but her proctor(played by Maggie Q--yeay an Asian actress!) managed to manipulate the results so that it showed that she's an Abnegation.This is because if you're a Divergent,you'll be killed!But Beatrice ended up choosing Dauntless at the choosing ceremony.

There she met Four(played by Theo James) during their orientation week and an interesting relationship occurs.There was some breathtaking moments in the movie--after the War Games when Beatrice used the flying fox thing.I like the 'face your fears' simulation.That was interesting and scary.I thought that the movie was enjoyable though the concept is a little flawed.

I give this movie 3.5 out of 5.Let's see how Insurgent will play out.