My 2014 beauty far!

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It is already April!Good things come to those who wait and that is you dear readers.:P This blog has been abandoned for a week or two??I've been busy with my life.I don't have a laptop..only an iPhone and an iPad.I don't like blogging from both devices because there's no "feel" to it.haha. seems that I haven't blogged about beauty products in a longgg time.But actually I buy new makeup products every month(fine..actually..every week ahahaha).So here it goes...:)

I love watching all those monthly makeup favorites videos on Youtube.I've been meaning to blog about what I love in terms of beauty products for 2013 and also the recent months but it has always been in draft mode..oops.

So I was like..since it's already 2014,let's move on and concentrate on what beauty products I'm loving now instead of retracing what beauty products I loved in 2013 haha.

Hair creambath
A few days after I came back from Bali,I was walking at this mall with my boyfriend and I saw that this haircare shop was having a massive sale.So I bought this huge tub of hair creambath which was used on my head back when we were in Bali.I got this 1 liter tub for a mere rm50.Steal!It makes my hair superrr soft.

Eyeliners galore!
On Women's Day,Sephora Malaysia gave 15% discount on all of their items for Sephora card members on Sephora products only.So I bought a bunch of stuffs but the ones above are my fave.I got their 12 hour wear crayon jumbo eyeliner in 08 gold and also their retractable waterproof eyeliner in 09 glitter black.I lovee the gold one because it's a beautiful shade of gold..better than NYX's jumbo eye pencil.I love the black glitter eyeliner BUT the glitter goes everywhere..*sigh*

I also bought NYX's retractable eyeliner waterproof in 08 silky cashmere.I wanted a nude-ish eyeliner for my waterline and this one is perfect.It blends smoothly and is very subtle.
I'm a big lip product kind of to eyeliners and mascaras.Recently I have four faves.Two are from Maybelline's lip polish line and the other two are from Revlon's matte balm and lacquer balm.

I love the Lip Polish in Glam 6--a purple berry shade that if you blend well looks like you just ate a juicy berry!Pop 6 is a bright red one but I like to blend it to get a hint of red on my lips.I don't love wearing lip gloss but I made an exception with these ones because it feels like lip balm on my lips.It's not sticky as well but the staying power is quite weak.I don't mind reapplying though!

The Revlon matte balm in Sultry 225 is my faveee!It's a deep pink color and is just beautiful.

I also recently purchase the new Revlon lacquer balm in provocateur 135.It's a bright red with a hint of shimmer.But the staying power as like the lip polish,is pretty weak.So you've to reapply after you finish eating.But I like how the color instantly brighten ups your face and makes you look more 'put together'.
Wearing the lacquer balm

I love Revlon's Photoready 3D mascara and their Lash Potion mascara.But both tubes have finish recently so I got myself a tube of the mascara below and I love it!!
I love that it has fibres and when I put it on,it doesn't weigh down my lashes.It feels like you're not wearing any mascara.It also doesn't make your lashes feels crunchy(like Maybelline's Rocket Volume..which I bought & stop wearing after awhile) and you can remove it easily with warm water.I'm gonna buy 1-2 more of these to stock up before they're out of stock!


 Nowadays my skin is becoming better and better so I've stopped wearing any liquid foundation.Everyday I rarely even wear concealer though I've some eyebags to hide haha.But I love this matte face powder.It is so light and isn't cakey at all.I've bought this for 2 months already and i'm almost hitting the pan.

This is rare for me because I rarely finish a compact power.Previously I wore MAC's one and it was great but I hate that it doesn't have a built in mirror and this one has!It's much much cheaper(rm29!) and comes with a sponge too.But I use my Real Technique expert facebrush to apply this everyday.I will definitely repurchase this!

Good smelling things!
I take bathing very seriously.I love to bathe and I love buying bodywash/shower gels that smells good.I got the Original Source bodywash(top pic,middle) when I was in Bali and it smells makes you smell like a Chupa Chups lollipop--the strawberries and cream kind.I wish they're available here though.

On the right is Cottage Le Caramel shower gel with sugar.I saw this one in Bali as well and have never seen it here until recently when Sasa brought in the brand!It smells so good as well.On the far left is the body lotion that I'm using currently.It's very moisturizing and so inexpensive.I've been using St.Ives products since I was a teenager.My mum bought me their facial wash when I was a teen.

I bought this body mist above from Bali as well..haha I haven't seen it being available here.I love the fresh floral scent--it's white hibiscus from the Dewi Sri Spa line from Martha Tilaar.I went crazy at Martha Tilaar in Bali because the price was so damn cheap.I got so many things for only like...rm80?That was insane!I should share a picture of the things that I bought.Maybe soon?:P