My eyelash perming experience

Saturday, April 19, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

A month ago I went for eyelash perming after I read this article on Into The Gloss.My lashes are long but they're straight.I've to rely on my eyelash curler every morning.So when I read about what eyelash perming was..I was excited!But I wasn't going to spend a lot of money on what I did was that I bought a voucher from Groupon to try it out.

I've heard about eyelash extensions before but it sounds icky to me.Hair extensions or eyelash extensions is a no-no for me.I didn't want to put fake lashes on my own eyelashes..thank you very much!Hence why I choose eyelash perming.It's my own eyelashes..but better!

And I've to tell you eyelash perming was worth it!I was amazed with the results and my eyelashes looks so awesome now.How it works is that you'll have to lay in the 'bed' for 1 hour while they put some stuffs on your lashes to perm it.

You will be asked to choose what kind of curl you want.I choose the natural one I think...there's many different level of curl for the eyelashes but I didn't want it to end up looking like I was wearing fake eyelashes!

I had to remind myself to not open my eyes during that 1 hour or it won't work..haha It's a lot harder than it sounds because I would drift asleep and of course when you wake up from a sleep the first thing you do is open your eyes and I had to remind myself to not do so everytime.

My boyfriend was kind enough to accompany me for the procedure and he even managed to snap a pic of me "asleep"(pictured above).After the procedure,I couldn't stop looking at my eyelashes.I was so happy!hahah
My sparse looking lashes..hurmm
Nowadays I never use the eyelash curler anymore.I just wear some mascara and that's it.
No mascara!
I'll definitely continue with eyelash perming after this..though setting the appointment would be difficult since I've to spend quite sometime for it.1 hour is a long time but then again it's worth it!So I would suggest you girls out there who's a girl who loves long curly lashes without looking fake to try eyelash perming.

My advice is to find a reputable beauty parlor that does it..or else it could be dangerous!I went to "I Brow Beauty Saloon" in Kota Damansara and I can vouch that they're legit!Anyway,look at my boyfriend's eyelash below.He has thick and naturally curly eyelashes.Makes me jealous :P
These are my boyfriend's unfair!haha


AnnTan said...

its so nice! u didn't do eyelash extension right ? seems quite good

Hye Ann..yup i didn't do lash extension..I didn't want to attach fake ones to mine for a few months haha Eyelash perming is great because it's your own lashes but better looking :P