Of food and people part 1 :Fiqs Gastronomy and Berts.

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Warning,pictures here will make you go hungry.Also there's heck loads of pictures in this post and the other two ones that will be up tomorrow&Monday.These pictures were taken from the month of February till now.I thought it'd be great to put them into three separate entires staring from this one today!:)

Clearly I love to eat!And also,I wasn't endorsed by any of the eateries listed in the post.These are my honest opinions and I used my own money(okay,most of it were Razin's money haha) to eat at the places.

1.Fiq's Gastronomy
It's not secret that Fiq's is own by my friend Syafiq--who's the chef as well.But I can definitely say with confidence that his place is the real deal.From the feedback that I got from friends who've dine there,the food not only looks good but it tastes good as well.

I've dined at Fiq's a few times and mind you,I get no special privileges..I gladly pay for good food from my own pocket(or my boyfriend's when we're out on a date hahaha).No such thing as you guys saying..oh it's your friend's restaurant so you must eat there for free.haha Some of my fave from Fiq's are their gnocchi,the mac&cheese(I actually don't even like mac&cheese but theirs is just so good!),the cheesecake and many more!I thing I've eaten almost everything on the menu.haha
Lots of familiar faces at Fiq's & the shortribs!
One night when I was having dinner with the boyfriend & his friends,some of my friends were there as well..though from different circles haha.Raf & Farass are my former UiTM debating friends(top pic left).Fifi&Nad are my TESL friends(top right).Clearly Fiq's is the place to be right now!
My fave gnocchi on the left
They'll be coming up with some new things on the menu soon which I can't wait to try!
With the boyf & his sisters..he looked orange cos of lighting haha
Qarla enjoyin her seabass


Sea bass


Baked alaska

Recently,Fiq's was mentioned in Time Out KL's April issue!Here's the LINK.

For more info on Fiq's,checkout their website below for location/direction/menu and so forth.

2.Bert's Cafe

I've met Sarah,the owner of Bert's,a couple of times through a mutual friend.Back in February I went to her new cafe right here in Shah Alam.I love how the menu is made up of dishes that is homey and what she ate growing up in her household..with some western influences as well.I went there with my boyfriend,his sister and his brother's girlfriend.
The place is quaint&cozy
I had the Moi(porridge in Malaysian Northern dialect).Moi is the word that my late grandma on my mum's side who's a Kedahan would call bubur.She would make me Moi back when I was little everytime I had my teeth pulled out..haha.Bert's one was yummy with a lot of condiments though I think if they put it on the side(in small plates) it would be better so I can choose accordingly.
The pretty mason jars lights!

I love that they serve Gryphon teas!The boyfriend ordered it for himself and when it arrived I was surprised that it was Gryphon.
The coffee is good!But my drink is the right one..pretty&refreshing.

Love the fancy tea!

Yummy honey mustard dip

Sago gula melaka
Bert's FB page for direction/promotions and more:
The second part of food and people will be up tomorrow.I can assure you that there's people that ate with me but I always take picture of the foods than them ahaha