Of food and people part 2:Ichiban Boshi,Homst and Sushi Zanmai

Monday, April 21, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Continuation with my previous post on food places that I've been to recently and some,frequently :)

1.Ichiban Boshi

I love Japanese food and I've to admit that I eat at Ichiban Boshi once or twice in a week.Sometimes more than that!hahah I'm such a regular at their Setia City Mall outlet that I even know their secret menu privileges..mueheheh

Salmon sashimi!

Salad,agedashi tofu & sushi
My favorite dishes from Ichiban Boshi are their California roll--the only sushi place I've been in Malaysia which has avocado in it&it makes a huge delicious difference!,the salmon skin teriyaki--huge portion for only rm6.90,salmon kawa roll,golden flake roll and their business gozen.Oooh,also their beef teriyaki and not forgetting their agedashi tofu!
Salmon sashimi,various temaki,salmon skin teriyaki(they're hugeee!) and salmon kawa roll
I guess I love the fact that the food is always good and fresh.The sushi are substantial in size.I haven't eaten at Sushi King in months because nowadays I prefer Ichiban Boshi since the prices doesn't differ that much.Ichiban Boshi also have this great reward cards system and you get quite a lot of free dishes and you can get rm15-30 off on your total bill from it.
Set dish that I can't remember the name
I love how the staffs at Ichiban Boshi Setia City Mall are always courteous,welcoming and gives great service.

My fave California roll

Dinner with the boyf's sisters and niece
For a few weeks now..or is it a month or so..the boyfriend have been trying to order the tiger prawn mentaiko something dish(sorry I can't remember the name of it!haha) at the Setia City Mall outlet and it's always not available!But last weekend we went to the Sunway Giza outlet and it was available!So he was a happy guy :P Picture of the dish is below.
Ichiban Boshi at Sunway Giza


Homst is one of my favorite place to eat in Shah Alam for years .The food is always good!I've eaten there with my family,the boyfriend's family,the boyfriend,my friends,my colleagues and even my bosses.Everybody loves it!
Lunch with the boyfriend
Nobody that I've known have said that the dishes there isn't delicious.I do takeaways from them a lot too and I've their number in my iphone haha.I always call them 30 minutes before I pick up my food.They're very efficient!

Lunch with the colleagues
Some of my favorite dishes from Homst's are their butter prawns,sweet&sour fish fillets,baby kailan,fried kuey tiow beef,yam basket and salted egg yolk soft shell crab.Usually when I go there with the boyfriend we would order the first three dishes with rice.It's my favorite combination of dishes.But for lunch with the colleagues I usually order the fried kuey tiow beef.It's really yummy!
Dinner with the bosses&colleagues after our meeting
Homst's website:

3.Sushi Zanmai
Sushi Zanmai has great sushi but I just dislike the fact that I've to queue in order to eat haha.When you're hungry,you want to be able to order your food quickly.Also the nearest Sushi Zanmai from Shah Alam is in Sunway Pyramid.Hence why I prefer Ichiban Boshi in Setia City Mall--neared & parking is easier.

But last week I went there because before that I was buying birthday gifts for my mum's birthday with Qeema.Then Razin came to meet us up and he wanted to have dinner.The food was good as always.I had my fave salmon cranky roll.The boyfriend ordered lobster which was of course yummy.
Ice creaam!
The only thing that Sushi Zanmai has but Ichiban Boshi doesn't is yummy ice cream.Ichiban Boshi's dessert menu is pretty limited(we had the tempura ice cream& it wasn't good).We shared a scoop of corn,melon and black sesame ice cream.So goooood!

Part 3 will be posted tomorrow :)