Of food and people part 3:Frontera and D'italiane

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Here's the last instalment of food and people..for now :P


I've been meaning to try Frontera's fish tacos for months but never had the chance to go there or I'd forget about it.So last weekend,after I finish selling my desserts at Markets(will blog about that soon!),I went to Frontera to treat Qeema(the boyfriend's sister)and the boyfriend dinner because they helped me a lot the whole day.
Yummy food!
The fish tacos was so good!I will definitely come back for it again.And also the flan.I had the beef tacos as well.I shared the fish and beef tacos with the boyfriend.My tip is to order soft shell taco for the fish tacos and crispy taco for the beef tacos.
Mmmm fish taco!
The only gripe that I had with Frontera was the jalapeno poppers--the batter was just too..hard?Also the bad service.It took us a good 15 minutes or more to get the bill..it was so hard getting the waiters attention.Qeema was pissed off because we were waving to them so many times.*sigh*Hope when I come next time the service would be better.
This one was so-so
Last but certainly not least,is dinner at D'Italiane in Sunway Giza.I loveeee the food!Razin treated me dinner there 2 weeks ago and we were blown away by the huge portion.Because we didn't expect it!We couldn't finish 3 of the dishes and had to packed them.Sorry for the bad photos.:P

We ordered three appetizers and two main dishes.We didn't expect the appetizers to be so huge.
Mushroom appetizer

Mozzarella appetizer(I forgot the name!)

The Caesar salad--It looked pretty
before we ate it&I took the pic halfway through.

My super yummy spinach ricotta ravioli

The boyfriend's lambshank
I love everything we ate there.Will definitely come back soon and the prices of the dishes aren't that expensive.I think for everything the boyfriend paid around rm140?Which is a great deal since there were five dishes!We were stuffed from our appetizers(hahaha) that we could barely eat our mains so we had to ask the waiter to pack them up.Next time we would definitely just order one appetizer and share it.
The yummy tiramisu something drink haha
I asked the boyfriend to choose what hot drink should we share and he chose the one above.Glad that we choose to share the drink as well because there was a lot of it.I love the romantic ambiance of D'Italiane though the lighting makes some bad looking pictures..especially if you only carry an iphone around haha.