Tea time at TWG

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

So many teas!
Two Saturday's ago...Razin and I went to TWG(which stands for The Wellness Group) Tea at Sunway Pyramid for some tea and desserts.I've been meaning to go to TWG for so long but never got to since their previous outlets was quite far from Shah Alam.Plus my boyfriend is pretty much a homebody and he doesn't like going to places that is too far.haha

Having a tough time deciding what tea to choose!
When we arrived there it was less than 5 minutes to 6pm.When I asked the front of the house guy if the high tea set is still available..he said no :( I was sad because that's what I really wanted.He asked me to take a look at the menu..we did but then I asked again if we really can't order the high tea set?Suddenly,a guy came out and he said they can make one last high tea set!!I guess he's the manager :) I was really happy!
Shiny teapot--it's rm1499(they sell it!).

Such lovely teas

Smelling the tea leaves
There were so many teas available at TWG.It was pages and pages long.We had the Tea Time Fortune set.I chose the Croque Imperial sandwich(Warm toasted sandwich with Gruyère cheese and smoked salmon)and scones(came with whipped cream and tea jelly).It also came with three choices of macarons.I choose the Bain De Roses tea,Earl Grey Fortune& chocolate and Camelot tea&Praline.

First we chose the Midnight Hour tea with our tea time set after getting the recommendation from our server Shann who was very knowledgeable on teas and so very helpful.I googled the description of the tea and I got this "a magical infusion of decaffeinated black tea delicately blended with fragrant tropical fruits".No wonder the name is Midnight Hour!:P
The croque imperial which was so goooddd!

The tea time set comes with a pot of tea and that amounts to about two cups of tea.So we ordered another teapot after we finish eating our sandwiches and scones.The sandwich was yummy and very more-ish.The scones were fluffy and I loved how they served it with tea jelly instead of the normal strawberry jam.
Fluffy scones(served with cream and tea jelly)

The macarons were one of the best I've tasted and I've tasted quite a few macarons!My favorite were the Bain De Roses macaron.It was so good!
Such yummy macarons

For the second pot of tea, the server suggested red teas and gave us three teas to smell and choose from.I don't remember what the other two was..but the boyfriend choose Red Christmas for us to drink.According to TWG,the Red Christmas tea is.."For those cosy holiday evenings, this TWG Tea theine-free red rooibos is a festival of flavours and spices, to reminisce and celebrate all year long."

Our server Shann was very accommodating that he even put the two teas in their canister and arrange the teapot next to it so that I could take the picture below.hahaha He was very nice!

The tea that we selected from the
recommendation of our server

It's suffice to say that TWG is THE place for tea lovers like me.You'll be spoiled by the choices of teas that's available.I would definitely come back again to TWG for another tea time treat!Excellent food,teas and service.:)